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Note: This database includes only obituaries which have appeared in newspapers from Henderson County, Kentucky and currently contains obituaries from January 1, 1959 - present. As time permits, obituaries will be added from previous years.

Obituaries from 1957 and 1958 are currently being added.

To begin, click on the Search button. Enter known facts in the appropriate blank boxes. Click on the Help button for more details about searching. Obituary records will be displayed after a search has been performed. When viewing results, click on the column headings to sort the records and click on the record of interest to view additional details. The Home button returns you to the library's home page.

Search tip: If you're having difficulty finding a married woman as a survivor in an obituary, try putting the woman's first name in parentheses followed by her last name. For example, when searching for Mary Smith, try this search string: (Mary) Smith. The reason for this is that sometimes a married woman was listed under her husband's name first, followed by her name. For example: Mrs. Charles (Mary) Smith. When attempting to search survivors for female relatives, try searching by the female's first name enclosed in parentheses followed by her last name.

     Example:     You cannot find:       Mary Smith
Try searching for: (Mary) Smith


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