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Retta to the Rescue (One-On-One Help Sessions)

Retta to the Rescue is a personal one-on-one session to assist you with your technology questions! If you need help with anything from basic computer skills to setting up your new mobile device, Retta, our Public Computer Instructor, has the answers. She can also help with resume writing, Internet job searching skills, Microsoft Office programs or Windows 8. You may schedule an hour long appointment online by completing the form below, by calling the library at 270.826.3712, or by registering in person at the library. If your technology questions require more than an hour, it will be necessary to schedule another appointment.

Please be sure to bring the following items to your appointment:

  • A laptop, if you have one. This allows you to use a computer you are comfortable with.
  • Your device's USB cable, if you are bringing a tablet or eReader. Most devices have their own cables, and the Library may not have the right cable for your device.
  • Account login for your device or computer, if you are bringing a device or computer.. You must know the device's username and password to log in and install applications.
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Your Information

Basics: Computer – Learn about the basic parts of a computer. Learn how to open and close programs, save documents, use a mouse and become familiar with a keyboard.
Basics: Digital Photos – Learn how to save, organize, and share your digital photos. Please bring digital photos on a CD or flash drive or a digital camera with USB cable for hands-on experience.
Basics: Keyboarding – Learn correct keyboarding techniques and typing procedures. This session is ideal for people who have never worked on a typewriter or computer keyboard, or for individuals who simply want to improve their speed and accuracy. Practice will involve using online resources to improve speed and accuracy.
Basics: Email – Learn the basics of email and setting up a free Gmail account.
Basics: Facebook – Learn how to sign up for a Facebook account, navigate the site, find friends, update your status, set privacy controls, and more.
Basics: Skype – Learn how to sign up for a Skype account and how to connect with friends and loved ones with a computer, tablet, or phone.
Device: iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch – Learn how to set up and use your Apple mobile device and how to use iOS 7.
Device: Android/Kindle/Nook – Learn how to set up and use your Android tablet/phone, Kindle eReader/tablet, or Nook eReader/tablet.
Downloading eBooks & eAudiobooks (OverDrive) – Learn how to download and read the library's digital eBook and eAudiobook collection from OverDrive.
Job Searching: Basics – Learn how to organize your job search and make the most out of your network of friends, family, and contacts. Navigate job search websites to find and apply for jobs.
Job Searching: Resume Writing – Learn about different resume styles and why a cover letter is important. Get personalized help with creating your resume and cover letter.
Microsoft Office: Excel – Learn how to enter, edit, and format data to create a simple spreadsheet; insert and delete rows and columns; work with multiple worksheets; and create a simple chart.
Microsoft Office: Outlook – Learn how to compose, send, and receive email, use the calendar, create folders in your Outlook mailbox, create a To-Do list, use the address book, and more.
Microsoft Office: Powerpoint – Learn how to create a simple slideshow presentation using text boxes, working with font size, style, color, alignment, and inserting graphics and clip art. Also learn how to use bullets, animations, slide transitions, WordArt, video clips, and even learn to create a photo album.
Microsoft Office: Publisher – Learn how to use the basic features of Microsoft Publisher to create, customize, and publish materials such as cards, flyers, and business cards.
Microsoft Office: Word – Learn to enter and format text; use copy and paste functions; insert clip art, pictures, and page numbers; use spell and grammar check; and finally, print and/or save your document.
Windows 8 – Learn the basics so you'll be able to maneuver through the screens, use features such as SkyDrive, get apps from the Store, and more.

Please specify any specific subtopics to be covered.

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The library can supply a laptop during the session.
A mobile device is not required.
Please be specific about your device(s).

Preferred Times

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