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Hudgions' Henderson History Collection

On this page you will find an index of people, places, and subjects that appear in a series of articles collected and written by Jack Hudgions, a photographer and historical research journalist at The Gleaner and Journal in the mid-1900s. He also worked for the Evansville newspapers. Much of his work is featured in Maralea Arnett's book, Annals and Scandals.

The collection includes photos, newspaper articles, and stories of Henderson's history. The contents of this collection are not available online. A small fee may apply if you would like copies of any of the pages (see Research Policy). Please include the page numbers with your request.

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A & P Food Chain260
A. W. Youngblood Farm878
Abbott, Alva E.260
Abbott, Alvah237
Abbott, Basil225
Abbott, Emma618
Abbott, Sheriff601
Abel, George627
Abel, L. D.972
Abel, Mike616
Abell, C. L.880
Abell, John231
Abshier, Dr. George23
Adams property250
Adams, City Clerk621
Adams, Councilman Joseph939
Adams, Hattie222, 227
Adams, James Tobacco Stemmery941
Adams, Joseph616, 639, 918
Adams, W. Q.258
Adas Israel Temple241, 627
Addams, William603
Adomiet, Rev. F. W.916
Advertising in 1911921
Advertising in 1921928
African Baptist Church of Jesus Christ917, 918
Agnew, A. W.966
Agnew, W. W.256, 623
Albert Leiber Store928
Albright, Albright238
Albright, Charles272
Alder, Doris282
Alderson, Charles234
Alexander, Andrew972
Alexander, Chester292
Alexander, Clinton967
Alexander, Ed249
Alexander, H. C.975
Alexander, Junius967
Algier, Will230
Allen, C. A.938
Allen, E. D.975
Allen, G. W.286, 289
Allen, Rev. Lyman Smith40
Allen, Richard223
Allen, Sgt. Ivan L.15
Allen, Thomas291
Allen, William224
Alles, Herman19
Alles, Jacob19
Alles, Mary Frances19
Alles, Rose19
Allgood, Bethel975
Allied Chemical & Dye Corp.24
Allin, Col. Thomas856, 885
Allison, F. O.968
Allison, Y. E.219, 919
Alloway, Fred282
Alver, James Sr.244
Alves Bluff852
Alves precinct961
Alves Street School4, 256
Alves, Brennard957
Alves, Engineer G. M.939
Alves, Henry230
Alves, J. D.237
Alves, Sheriff James848
Alves, Thomas D.603, 616, 623
Alves, Walter852
Alves, William231, 234
Alvey, Owen264
American Chrome272
American Chrome Co.7
American Legion3, 21, 272, 280, 282, 869
American Legion Commander280
American Nicotine621
American Nicotine Co.604, 628
American Railway Express914
American Tobacco Co.258
Ammonia Plant24, 260, 261, 271, 272, 274, 281, 288
Ammonia Plant sale280
Ammonia Plant strike274, 279, 280
Amos, James233
Amos, Jim638
Anderson A. K.260
Anderson Box and Basket Co.266
Anderson, Andy38
Anderson, Ben225, 242, 246
Anderson, Charles234
Anderson, Felix260
Anderson, Jesse291, 292
Anderson, John B.912
Anderson, Lt. Turner878
Anderson, Robert222, 226, 251
Anhydrous ammonia24
Anthony, Jonathan888, 919
Argue, Charles T. W.640
Armory Building255, 291, 279
Armstead, Thomas225, 242, 246
Armstrong, J. T.260, 266, 272, 276
Arnett, Chas.974
Arnett, Clinton238
Arnett, Henry235
Arnett, John W.895
Arnett, L. M.618
Arnett, Leslie M.963, 964, 968, 969, 971
Arnett, Marie238, 240, 270
Arwood, Bud239
Ashby, A. H. (Cotton)237, 260
Ashby, George L.615, 618
Ashcraft, Gov. Marland2
Ashcraft, M-Sgt. Marvin L.2, 12, 15
Ashcraft, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth12
Ashcraft, Mrs. Delores15
Asher, Brig. Gen. F. Guy2
Ashland Oil271
Atkinson Home257
Atkinson Park256, 270, 271, 280, 630, 936, 954, 955, 956, 957
Atkinson Park oil well283
Atkinson, George941
Atkinson, John C.246, 247, 248, 249, 256, 858, 859, 954, 955, 956
Atkinson, Miss Virginia603
Atlas Tack260
Atmospheric Nitrogen Corp.24
Aton, William268
Audubon608, 612, 615, 625, 633, 639
Audubon Baptist Church21, 34, 613, 615, 618, 625, 640, 862, 862
Audubon Drive-In Theatre284
Audubon Fire Department622
Audubon Furniture Co.884, 967
Audubon Heights861
Audubon Heights precinct961
Audubon Manufacturing Plant violence290
Audubon Mill888
Audubon Mining Co.639
Audubon Missionary Baptist Church861
Audubon Park257, 281
Audubon precinct605
Audubon School255, 256, 257, 286, 607
Audubon State Park40, 271, 276, 878
Audubon, John James604, 612, 888, 967
Aull, Edward40
Aull, William40
Averitt, Rev. James282


B. W. Jenkins Meat Shop257
Bagby, Ed850
Bailey and Koerners Co.246
Bailey, Chief W. P.601
Bailey, Cornelius939
Bailey, John R.895
Bailey, Lula231
Bailey, Police Chief608, 614, 623, 628
Bailey, Posey629
Baird, Miss Minor627
Baker Home250
Baker, George222, 226
Baker, Homer270
Baker, Irma236
Baker, Loe237
Baker, Will222, 226, 250
Baldauf, Henry241
Baldauf, Maurice241
Baldauf, Morris603
Balee, Fielding903
Balee, John P.881
Balky, Frank236
Ball, C. C.241, 858, 859
Ball, Charles A.225, 241, 859
Ball, City Engineer617
Ball, Elisha237
Ball, Howard224
Ball, Ira225, 241
Ball, Mayor244, 246, 954
Ball, Posey D.222, 226, 246, 252
Ball, Robert W.903
Ball, William232, 606
Ballard County845
Banken, Joe604, 616, 630
Bankin, Councilman623
Banks, City Assessor S. A.283
Banks, David267, 858
Banks, Odie235
Banks, Roy222, 227
Banks, S. A.974, 975
Banks, Strother261, 883
Banks, Willie234
Baptist Children's Home274
Baptist Church246, 892
Barber, Mrs. W. L.6
Barbour, Joseph907
Barett, Daniel848
Barger, William237
Barker, John224
Barker, Susie12
Barker, William237
Barkley, Alben W.272, 292, 971, 972, 973, 974, 975
Barkus, Eli224
Barmone, H. L.224
Barnes, William222, 226, 251
Barnett, Booker P.971
Barnett, George851
Barnett, John234
Barnett, John R.639
Barnett, P. M.968
Barnett, Paul616
Barren River909, 910
Barret Basketball267
Barret High8, 29, 33, 40, 260, 265, 271, 272, 276, 280, 286, 290, 603, 607, 614, 621, 622, 627, 637, 638, 639, 643, 646, 647, 652, 656, 657, 889, 932
Barret High School Band3, 21
Barret Home845
Barret Park water well603
Barret Tobacco warehouse626
Barret, Alex287
Barret, Alexander B.954, 955
Barret, Daniel223
Barret, Homer230
Barret, James244, 624
Barret, John244, 604, 629
Barret, Robert245, 246
Barret, William860
Barrett, Col. H. P.256
Barrett, Daniel230, 240
Barrett, Jo12
Barrett, Robert225
Barrett, Tom624
Barrett, William962, 968
Barron, Cora Ann272
Baskett611, 638
Baskett School604
Baskett, Daisy623
Baskett, Hilary975
Baskett, Jesse628, 631
Baskett, John J.245
Baskett, Nellie639
Baskett, Tom968
Bates, James J. Sr.279
Bates, Joe216
Batten, Pvt. C. E.15
Beals Station612
Beasley, J. L.966
Beasley, William225
Beattie, Beatrice238
Beattie, Charles238, 271, 272, 874
Beattie, Mrs.271, 874
Becker, Col.245, 624
Becker, Councilman249, 623, 630, 956
Becker, Nick248, 616, 627
Beckham, Boone601
Beckham, J. C. W.258, 627, 972, 974
Beckham, Leon279
Beckman, J. D.225
Bedford Nugent Sand and Gravel Co.936
Bedford-Nugent river front lease287
Beeler, Bruce270
Beherns, Frank622
Belk Store846
Belk-Settle Building902
Bell precinct636, 961
Bell Telephone274
Bell's Carpenter Shop247
Bell, J. A.877
Bell, Rev. Melvin40
Bellaire Garage921
Bellas-Hess Building266, 267
Bellfield Church Yard878
Benham, Allie A.972
Bennett Graveyard878
Bennett Memorial Methodist Church21
Bennett, Allen290
Bennett, Ed232, 613, 878
Bennett, R. E.968
Bennett, Ruben962
Bennett, Sgt. James W.289
Bennett, W. Arch869
Benson, Pascal8
Bentley, J. H.603, 621, 622
Bentley, Lee972
Benton and Son Funeral Home33, 923
Benton, County Clerk Otis625
Benton, Harry616
Benton, Mayor286, 286
Benton, Otis616, 639, 640, 860, 914, 915, 964, 969, 971
Bernard, Councilman N. H.939
Bernhardt, O. H.628
Bernstein Store279
Bernstein, Sol286, 289, 928
Berry, Arthur222, 227
Berry, G. T.621, 629
Berry, James231
Berry, Mrs. G. B.627
Berry, Mrs. Velma281
Berry, Robert A.36, 239
Berry, Talbott971, 972, 973
Bethel, Iley974
Bethel, Oswald287
Bethurum, Burgess J.971
Bettex, Rev. E. T.250
Bevan, Director Larry23
Beverly, Ann231
Beverly, Cabell231
Beverly, Will231
Bibrell-Glover Corp.257
Big Ditch Section924
Biggs, Drug Store288
Biggs, Edwin Jr.277
Biggs, Rev. Charles Lewis258, 608
Biggs, W. T.616, 620
Billiard table870
Billings, Jack35
Billings, Sherman35
Bingham, B. M.973
Birk and Lancaster625, 627
Birk, Lee635
Bishop, Allen232, 615
Bishop, E. G.624
Bishop, Mildred232, 615
Bishop, R. C.39
Bivin, Mrs. Lucille B.289
Black, Cpl. Charles R.15
Black, Frank850
Black, James224
Black, Maj. George B.13
Blackwell, Henry231
Blackwell, Judge Marlin2, 20, 35, 283, 972, 973, 974, 975
Blackwell, P. A.919, 928
Blackwell, R. C.255
Blackwell, W. W.248
Blair, Alex292
Blair, Col. Jack W.13
Blair, Minnie629
Blake Farm878
Blandford, James243
Blanford, Jack260
Blankenship, Mrs. Barbara6
Blankenship, R. B.216
Blaser, Leroy M.37
Bleich, George A.628
Blevins, H. A.974, 975
Blondin, Frank265
Blondin, Leo601
Blue, Monro249
Blue, Murray966
Boat Club271
Boat harbor273
Boaz, Dr. C. H.258
Bodine, Jack613
Boggess, Herschel216
Bohn's Store281
Boland, Father B. J.930, 931
Bomar, Dr. E. E.631
Bond Tax30
Bonenberger, William601
Bonham, A. G.883
Boog, Herman604
Book, Ed258
Book, Sterling H.971
Boone, Daniel885
Borders, Claudie230
Borum, Elsie236
Boswell, David895
Boswell, Lannie231
Boucet, Rev. Michael929
Boucher, Hiland964, 965, 969
Bourbon Stockyards615
Bourke, Rev. William929
Bowen, John C.238
Bowen, Samuel881, 967
Bowen, William R.919
Bowers, Capt. Charles17
Bowling Green, KY909, 910
Bowman, Ed225
Boy Scouts287
Boyd, Clint287
Boyd, Gus235
Boyd, Lee969
Boyer, Paul237
Boylan, Col. Vincent L.15
Boyle, Harry20, 261, 631, 632
Boyle, Robert D.975
Boysville project275
Brabant, Stuart23
Bradshaw, E. L.965, 970
Brady, George230
Brady, State Trooper Mac37
Brann, George224
Brann, Ralph W.230
Brannon, Will231, 258
Branns, Elbert232
Brans, Bennie610
Brans, Elbert601
Brans, W. L.601
Brashears, Ila38
Bratcher, William235
Breamer, Harry S.39
Breckenridge Cannel Coal Co.254
Breckinridge, James P.250
Breedlove, Norman6
Brenner, Rev. H.916
Brenning, William916
Brent, Hugh881
Bridgers, Col. George A.15
Briggs, Henry237
Brinkman, M. A.971
Brisby's Shoemaker Shop245
Brisby, Jim245
Broadnax, Henry P.923
Broadway, George239, 275, 280
Brodbent, Smith Jr.282
Brodie, David884
Brooking, Ed224
Brooks, Otho235
Brooks, Rev. Kyle628
Brooks, T. E.211
Browder, Mrs. Thomas631
Brown and Co.640
Brown's Blacksmith Shop5
Brown, Aubrey23
Brown, Capt. William907
Brown, Charles225, 241
Brown, Claud881
Brown, Col. P. H.15
Brown, Corley23
Brown, Curley235
Brown, D. V.268
Brown, Durwood238
Brown, Edward Hall5
Brown, Jesse232, 612
Brown, John F.903
Brown, John P.633
Brown, John Y.241, 243, 267, 974, 975
Brown, Mike5
Brown, Ollie Bell Gray5
Brown, R. F.39
Brown, Richard281
Brown, Roy290
Brown, Sneed5
Brown, W. R.245
Brown, William879
Browning, Iley292
Browns Beach874
Brunk, Charles234
Bryant, Coach Paul277
Bryant, John C.256
Bryant, Rudy272
Bryant, William Jennings639
Bryce, John951
Buchanan, E. C.9
Buchanan, Emma9
Bucholz precinct961
Bucholz, Kate628
Buckley, Milton T.877
Buckman, James974
Buckman, Jesse614
Buckner, Ellis233, 876
Buckner, John230, 236, 240
Buckner, T. W.623
Buckner, Thomas616
Buckner, William967
Bugg, Mary Ellen606
Bugg, Sherwood230, 240
Bullitt, Hugh974
Bullock, Oliver239
Bumm, Mrs. Ruth270
Bumpus, Henry R.975
Bumpus, R. L.35
Bunch, James222, 226
Bunch, William974
Bundren, R. D.239
Bunn, Jonathan933
Burbank Home263
Burbank Property914
Burbank, A. T.607
Burbank, M. T.607
Burbridge, S. G.896, 898
Burdette Street257
Burdon, Robert D.238, 267, 268, 875
Burnett, Guy624
Burr, D. J.257
Burris, H. G.631
Burris, Phillip232, 604, 605, 606, 607, 854, 855
Burroughs, Rev. J. L.951
Burton, George35
Burton, Stanley966
Bus Terminal869
Busby, E. L.869
Busch, W. D.877
Bushrod, Charles E.239
Bushrod, John239
Business and Professional Women's Club3
Butler, Abe225
Butler, Eugene289
Butler, Nathan23, 29, 34, 35
Butts, Albert236
Byrd, J. R.938
Byrne's Pool Room287
Byrne, P. P.968


C & G. Manion Store267
C. J. Henson, Photographer845
Cabell, Aaron632
Cabell, Joseph Jr.878
Cabell, Robert222, 227
Cahow, Arthur37
Cain, Billy8
Cairo Masonic Lodge274
Cairo-Cross Plains Road253
Caldwell, Donald230
Caldwell, Herman231
Caley, John222, 227
Callahan, R. S.951
Camp Breckinridge2, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 265, 266, 267, 270, 274, 275, 276, 278, 278, 290, 292
Camp Cromwell265, 267
Camp Hogg271
Camp, Frank270
Campbell Accordion Band3
Campbell, George234
Campbell, Glenn27
Campbell, Jack235
Campbell, Louis235
Campbell, Marvin974
Campbell, Mary230, 236, 240
Campbell, Mrs. C. P.292
Cannelton Sewer Pipe Co.33
Cannings, William249
Cannon, Capt. John Furna878
Cannon, Col. John878
Cannon, William B.900
Canoe Creek275, 602
Cantrill, J. C.971
Capone, Al272
Cardinal Drive-In Theatre10
Cardinal Farm878
Cardinal Market23
Carleton, Cave241
Carleton, Dave225
Carlisle, Russell965, 969
Carneal, Harry850
Carnegie, Andrew912, 913
Carpenter, John227
Carr, Charles C.223, 848
Carr, Charles E.923, 924
Carriage and buggy factory857
Carter, Hollis235
Carter, Julian234
Carter, Marsh224
Carter, Sylvester230
Carter, William608
Carthy, Marion C.974
Cary, Glover973, 974
Casey, Elmer238, 262, 264, 266, 875
Casey, James230, 240, 848
Cates Mill247
Cates, Mrs. James289
Catholic Church897, 936
Catholic Knights of America252, 608
Catlin, Mrs. William W.224
Caton, John230, 240
Cecil, Charles L.276
Cedar Bar902
Cemetery lot prices278
Center Street School251, 256, 260, 272, 603, 634
Central Hotel940
Central Park21, 27, 244, 245, 249, 257, 635, 878, 892, 914, 915, 923, 927, 951
Central Park cannon268
Central Park fountain243
Centre College614
Chamber of Commerce3, 3, 291, 636
Chambers, Prof. J. J.609
Chambers, Thomas236
Chance Alley924
Chandler, A. B.21, 29, 32, 267, 268, 880, 973, 974, 975
Chandler, A. H.975
Chandler, B. F. Barber Shop616
Chandler, Dorris3
Chandler, J. A.608
Chandler, John230
Chandler, Sen.260, 263
Chandler, Van B.851
Change in route of Highway 41279
Chapman, Frank36, 965, 969, 970
Chapman, George H.240
Chapman, George W.230, 240
Charlton242, 243
Charlton, Charles225, 241
Charlton, Robert225, 241, 242, 848, 924, 925
Cheaney, City Assessor T. F.939
Cheaney, Frank639
Cheaney, George264, 966, 975
Cheaney, Lemuel223, 848, 923, 924
Cheaney, Provost Marshal894
Cheatham, John R.973
Cheatham, Paul224
Chennault, Maj. Gen. Claire L.13
Cherokee Indians886
Cherry Hill Baptist Church627
Chesapeake, Ohio, and Southwestern Railroad (C. O. S. )213
Chicasaw Indians904, 905, 906
Chief Reelfoot904, 905, 906
Childers, Rev. Landern932
Childress, James278, 287, 291
Childs, Levy231
Choctaw Indians904, 905, 906
Christ, Oscar237
Christadelphian Church250
Christerson, Coleman231
Christian Church254
Christian County886, 935
Christian, Matthew947, 948, 950
Chuckens, Dave248
Church of Christ37
Church of Holy Name254
Church of the Nazarene276
Church, George232
Church, Henry227
Cimini, Frank628
Cinnamond, R. L.616
Cissna, W. E.974
City Attorney244
City Brewery244, 245
City Building269
City Cemetery941
City Engineer292
City Hospital630, 631, 632, 633, 941, 956, 957
City of Henderson Tax Rates and Assessments26, 217, 607
City Park257
City school census607
Civil War934
Clark Tobacco Factory612
Clark, David273, 624
Clark, E. S.255
Clark, Frank231
Clark, G. F.237
Clark, Georgia612
Clark, Isaac933
Clark, James866
Clark, John236
Clark, Light236
Clark, Rev. C. T.603, 628
Clark, Supt. E. S.246
Clarke, Dr. George W.618
Clarke, Rev. George W.627
Clay and Clay255
Clay Street Methodist Church622, 625
Clay, A. Y.971
Clay, C. L.963, 969
Clay, City Attorney James252
Clay, George P.233, 637
Clay, George S.883, 972, 973, 974, 975
Clay, James W.608
Clay, Leslie261
Clay, Mrs. James W.951
Clay, R. E.616
Clayton, Mrs. Parmelia J.252
Cleary, Enoch222, 227
Clegg Hotel929
Clements, Earle32, 216, 266, 276
Cleveland, Grover245
Clore and Son Lumber Yard254
Clore Lumber Co.261, 275
Clore, Duncan639
Clore, J. Alves261, 270, 860, 869, 963, 965, 966, 968, 969, 974, 975
Clore, Joseph936
Clore, Mayor264, 266
Clore, Mrs. Frances260
Clore, Mrs. J. O.852
Clossman, Mrs. Lavada21
Club Alibi282
Cobb, Mitchell966
Cobb, Theodore I.261
Cochran, A. L.274
Cockran, Reuben222, 227
Cody, William “Buffalo Bill”967
Coenen, Rev. Father A. M.930
Coffey, Mrs. Dazy Baskett270
Cohen, Bubbie234
Cohen, Maj. S. G.266
Cole, Jack236
Cole, Robert235
Coleman, John963, 968, 975
Collier's Magazine620
Collier, Clyde236
Collier, Hubert236
Collier, O. J.971
Collins, O.241
Collins, Orville248
Colmesneil, Thomas T.967
Colonial Furniture Co.291
Combs, Bert T.29, 32
Commercial Hotel, The941
Commission form of government863
Committee for Henderson270, 284
Common Council of Henderson219
Community Chest Drive282, 284, 290
Condit, Forrest267
Condon, Charles238
Condor, Minnie238
Confederates895, 896, 908
Conley, Aurelia238
Conley, Ed287
Conley, Grover286, 975
Connaway, Rev. Z. T.861
Connell, Charles975
Conner, Mrs. Carl32
Connor, Jack216
Connoway, S. B.601, 604
Consolidated school plans debated274, 279
Conway, Rev. T. A.618
Conway, Rev. Thomas G.861
Cook, Ed258
Cook, R. E.902
Cook, Robert E.881
Cooks, Lee E.237
Cooksey, Henry233
Cooksey, William236
Coomes, Roger239, 280
Cooper, Dr. James W.610
Cooper, Elder W. C.241
Cooper, Henry Lee263
Cooper, John Sherman884
Cooper, Judge John Sherman272
Cooper, Lyman264, 966, 975
Cooper, M. L.40
Cooper, W. W.283, 616, 972, 973
Coots, Fred H.971, 972
Coquillard Wagon Works602
Corcoran, Kenneth274
Corn thieves291
Cornbleet Bros264
Corum, Wilbert238
Corydon602, 612, 615, 616, 618, 624, 628, 889, 917
Corydon Bank260, 268
Corydon Christian Church241
Corydon Deposit Bank269
Corydon Election of 1913618
Corydon Independent baseball team281
Corydon News624
Corydon Post Office601, 604
Corydon Postmaster246
Corydon Red Front Store34, 35
Corydon's Methodist Church258
Corydon, Kentucky roads25
Corydon-Henderson Road253
Cosby, Ben237
Cosby, Frank634, 971
Cosby, Sabra238
Cottingham Drug Co.629
Cottingham, Mrs. Nannie V.605
Cottingham, R. S.9
Cottingham, Roy234
Cottingham, Thomas J.971
Cotton Mill Avenue257
Cotton, Bishop Francis35
Cotton, Mrs. Helen Ruggles286
Council form of government863
Country Club271
County Garage Building269
Court House precinct961
Court House referendum862
Covington, Howard270, 280
Cowan, David929
Cowan, Mrs. Nell270
Coward, Sam236
Cox, Bert969
Cox, Floyd235
Cox, Henry965, 969
Cox, Stewart225
Crafton, Cooksey33
Crafton, George Raymond10
Crafton, Jackson239, 289
Crafton, Joe L.290
Crafton, Robert883
Crafton, Robert F.290, 608, 609, 634, 867, 971, 972, 973, 974, 975
Crafton, Robert T.261
Crafton, W. H.972
Crafton, Waverlie264, 975
Craig, Jesse277
Crane Furniture Co.626
Cravens, Ed252
Crawford, J. H. (Henry)278
Crawford, Lucien J.971
Crawford, R. L.968
Crawford, Walter967
Crawley, C. A.972, 973, 974
Crawley, James971, 972
Crawley, Mrs. Ches974, 975
Crawley, Prof. Clyde B.283
Crenshaw, Bettye6
Crenshaw, Bob258
Crenshaw, T. B.39
Critser, Beatrice973
Crockett, Davy6
Crockett, Ingram620, 628
Cromwell, Cook869
Crook, Ernest39
Crooks, County Judge Fred264
Crooks, Fred261, 975
Cross, Capt. H.972
Crouse, Clyde236
Crowder, Lee971
Crowe, Guthrie279
Crowe, Joe232
Crowe, Robert972
Cruize, Louis237
Cullen, William F.2
Culpepper, Maj. Charles Ross15
Cumberland Presbyterian Church248, 251, 254, 255, 918
Cumberland River886
Cumberland Telephone and Telegraph Co.244, 250, 252
Cummins, Mose236
Cunningham, Capt. R. H.939
Cunningham, Commissioner849
Cunningham, Fountain951
Cunningham, John A.863, 864, 968
Cunningham, Mrs. Mary A.603
Curry, Nathaniel275
Curtis, Chris240
Curtis, Thos230
Cushing, R. L.603
Cutler, William231
Cyclone of 1914626
Cyclone of 1915630


Dade Park261, 267, 278, 281, 291, 868
Dade, Charles231
Dade, H. F.242, 604, 614, 925
Dalton, Father P. J.931
Dam No. 48603, 622, 628
Dames, Basil278
Damm, Henry246
Danheiser, Joe292
Daniel, James O.2
Daniels, James C.223
Darden, Nathan237
Davidson, T. J.968, 971
Daviess County935
Daviess, Rev. D. O.916
Davis, Arthur276
Davis, Buell968
Davis, Charles922
Davis, Crafton286
Davis, James Earl21, 276
Davis, Jefferson233, 638
Davis, John224, 923
Davis, Johnny239, 280
Davis, Leslie266
Davis, Lida854
Davis, Lula236
Davis, Moses250
Davis, Mrs. Anna King845
Davis, R. E. (Red)971
Davis, Ret232, 604, 854
Davis, Rhoda223
Davis, Rod640
Davis, Sheriff John848
Davis, W. H.620
Davis, Will231
Davison, Elizabeth622
Dawson, Charles I.971
Dawson, J. T.921
Day, Mrs. Earl7
Day, Tom975
Daylight Saving Time290
Dean, Mrs. Richard608
Defense plant260
Deicken, William L.237
DeJarnett, George604
Delk, James216
Delker Bros. Buggy Co.258, 260, 267, 620, 629, 967
Delker precinct961
Delker, F. H.609
Delker, Frank Jr.270, 287
Delker, John625
Delker, John Estate260
Delker, John J.619
Delker, John J. vehicle plant622
Dells Night Club267, 875
Deluxe Cleaners283
Dempewolf, Carl6
Dempsey, D. L.233
Dempsey, L. D. (Dock)633, 634, 635
DeMuth, William S.971
Denney, Edwin880
Dennis, James258
Dennis, Jim A.972
Denton Cleaning Co.902
Denton, Durwood232
Denton, F. W.608
Denton, J. A.895
Denton, Julius farm9
Denton, M. V.605
Denton, Magistrate R. J.31
Denton, Maurice264, 962, 968
Denton, Mitchell W.895
Denton, R. J.30
Denton, Tom974
Deringer, A.257
Deusner, Rev. Ford274
Devers, Lee234
Dewey, Thomas E.975
Diamond Island896
Dickey's Livery Stable616
Diddle, Ed275
Dietze, Rev. Charles879
Digby, Rev. Arthur Jr.879
Dill's Saloon603
Dillinger, John867
Diocese of Louisville929
Diphtheria604, 609
Dishman, Charles H. Sr.615
Dixie Bee Line Route632
Dixie Cab Co.278
Dixie Flagler212
Dixie Flyer212
Dixie Hummer210, 211
Dixie Limiter212
Dixie School609
Dixon632, 878
Dixon Court House263
Dixon High School36
Dixon, Archie236
Dixon, Col. Wynn878
Dixon, Councilman Robert Sr.939
Dixon, Dr. Arch258, 627, 630
Dixon, Emmit227
Dixon, Etta230
Dixon, G. Givens616, 869
Dixon, Hal253
Dixon, James235
Dixon, John R.895
Dixon, Judge Sam V.632, 634
Dixon, Paul Jr.239
Dixon, Pearl238, 265
Dixon, Peter222, 226
Dixon, Phil Jr.35
Dixon, S. V.873
Dixon, Sammie234
Dixon, Sheriff W. G.254
Dixon, Tom Ed601
Dodd, Jeptha M.881
Dodge, Mrs. Bearl7
Dodson, Harold10, 275, 280
Dollins, William224
Donelson, Stokely856
Donnelly, Col. Clarence S.15
Dorsey, John L.244, 281, 869, 971
Dossett, H. N.245
Douglas, R. C.974
Douglass High School Band3, 40
Downs, Lester238, 271, 272, 874
Doxey, F. B.621
Dr. Darrel Vaughn Clinic276
Draft Board270, 276
Draft Lottery265
Draft notices289
Drury, Cling234
Drury, Truman971
Dudley, C. E.260, 266
Dudley, City Judge A. T.939
Dudley, John967
Dudley, Supt. C. E.252
Dugless, Francis968
Duke, Ed232, 606
Dunbar Consolidated School9, 11
Duncan Family872
Duncan Hotel255
Duncan, Alexander236
Duncan, Charles971, 972
Duncan, Elizabeth239, 872
Duncan, Gobel239, 872
Duncan, Harry E.2
Duncan, Hotel252
Duncan, J. W.974
Duncan, James252
Duncan, John G.40
Duncan, Marion282
Duncan, Marvin283, 958
Duncan, Mrs. Gobel872
Duncan, Odie2, 264, 261, 275, 288, 616, 855, 883, 971, 972, 973, 975
Duncan, Raymond239, 872
Duncan, W. T.245
Dunn, A. J.255
Dunn, Dr. Miles C.233, 633, 635, 637
Dunn, George225
Dunn, Rev. Father William929, 930
Dunnaway, Archie967
Dunnaway, E. E.36
Dunnaway, S. W. (Doc)232, 615
Dunville, Grady225
Durbin, Fred634, 971
Durbin, Rev. E. J.929
Durocher, Leo290
Dutton, William232
Dyer, Mason251
Dynamite blasts279


E & R Church281
E. P. Allis & Co.252
E. S. King Warehouse257
Eades, James Richard Jr.282
Eades, Mr. and Mrs. John276
Eakins, C. W.225, 248
Eakins, Davis8
Eakins, Ex225
Eakins, Lockett235
Eakins, Nat225
Eakins, Robert D.972
Earsley, Manuel234
Earthquake of 1812904, 906
East Audubon precinct961
East End Milling Co.267
Easter Sunrise services290
Eastin, Boone232
Eastin, George234
Eastin, Robert625
Eastin, Roy601, 634, 971
Eastin, W. A.939
Eastwood, C. L.283, 963
Eaton, Joe880
Eaves, City Attorney Charles939
Eaves, Cora231
Eberson Dr. Frederick31
Ebinger, Rev. A. S.251
Eblen's General Merchandise Store34
Eblen's Merchandise Store35
Eblen, A.23
Eblen, A. B.883, 974
Eblen, Bain232, 601
Eblen, Col. Addison L.267
Eblen, Howard625
Eblen, Marvin D.276, 282, 284, 616, 640, 859, 860, 968
Eblen, Mervin K.266
Eblen, Mrs. Zorah232, 601
Eblen, Wallace284
Eckert and Wilson Ice Co.256
Eckert Packing Co.627, 868
Eckert, E. A.624
Eckert, Morgan622
Eckert, Rosina631
Edgefield and Kentucky Railroad208
Edwards, Chief282
Edwards, E. C.263, 964, 969
Edwards, L. D.280, 285, 287, 290
Edwards, Police Chief L. D.284, 286
Edwards, Richard287
Edwards, Sgt. L. D.279
Edwards, Thomas640
Egan, J. J.930
Eighth Street School256
Eisenhower, Dwight884
Elam Drug Store921
Elam, R. H.627
Elam, William629
Electric Motors277
Electrical Installation Co.943
Elks628, 629, 638
Elks Club3, 245, 257, 260
Elks Lodge2, 257
Elks State Convention291
Elliott, Harry224
Elliott, James237
Elliott, John233, 634
Elliott, William608
Ellis Central Market606
Ellis Park868
Ellis, David868
Ellis, Fred237, 604
Ellis, James6, 278
Ellis, James C.6
Ellis, James E.868
Ellis, T. F.616
Ellsworth, Jepie225
Elrod, Turner265, 276
Elvington, Bob236
England, Rev. C. C.274
Englehardt, Lt. Col. Ernest C.13, 15
English, F. M.858
Episcopal Church630
Epling, David6
Epling, Kermit6
Epling, Mrs. Pearl Hosbach6
Epling, Owen Kermit6
Eppens, Rev.916
Epsen, Buddy6
Ernest Ringo Construction Co.631, 632
Ernst, R. P.972
Erskine, John251
Estes, Sam279
European Hotel, The940, 941
Evangelical and Reformed Church272
Evans, Rev. Thomas245
Evans, W. S.244
Evans, Willie232
Evansville and Ohio Valley Railway214
Evansville Courier936
Evansville Railways Co.634
Evansville, Henderson, and Nashville Railroad (E. H. & N. )208
Evansville, IN608, 611, 612, 631, 632, 639, 897, 898, 902, 916
Evansville-Henderson Electric Railway257
Evansville-Henderson Traction Co.255
Ewing, James282, 289
Ewing, Katherine238


Fabian and Brentano633
Fahey, Capt. Paul J.15
Fair, Lois267
Fairmont Cemetery282
Fallon, George W.920
Fambrough, Clarence968, 969
Farless, Ruby967
Farley, J. I.883, 972, 974, 975
Farley, Jesse971
Farley, Virgil236
Farm Bureau279, 280, 281, 286, 289
Farm Bureau Federation260, 288
Farmer, Earl235
Farmer, H. H.260, 640
Farmer, Lambert282
Farmers Bank617, 635, 846, 866
Farmers Loose Leaf Tobacco Warehouse Co.636
Farmers Tankage Plant272
Farris, James L.281
Faver, William963, 968, 969, 972, 973, 974
Favor, Bill261
Fayne, State Trooper Spercel287
Federal Union886
Fellowes, Jonathan923
Fentress, Chester232
Fenwick, Emma L.639
Fenwick, Mrs. Ann Lizzie276
Ferguson, Grace881
Ferguson, Tom C.962, 968
Fernwood Cemetery275, 852, 899
Fernwood precinct961
Ferrel, Gene6
Ferrell, Willie238
Ferrill, J. F.968
Ferrill, Willie265
Fiance Hayes sawmill281
Fidler, J. A.255
Fields, Gov. William J.855
Fields, William Jason971
Figgins, Denver263
Fine Dry Goods Co.639
Fine, Philip639
Finley Addition1, 861
Finn, James P.965, 969
First Baptist Church2, 36, 248, 254, 275, 278, 280, 601, 606, 618, 627, 639, 639, 917, 940, 951, 952
First Christian Church242, 274, 279, 290, 626, 628
First Ferry888
First grist mill900, 901
First Methodist Church6, 33, 608, 615, 625, 634, 637, 941
First National Bank289
First Presbyterian Church40, 245, 246, 254, 846, 916, 940
First Street Colored Church247
First television program275
Fisher, Brig. Gen. Harvey2
Fisher, Byron225
Fisher, Miss Anna868
Fisher, Yeaman236
Fitzgerald and Sons Furniture Store33
Fitzgerald, John F.33
Fitzgerald, Maurice33
Fitzgerald, Miss Margaret33
Fitzgerald, Mrs. John H.33
Fizer, Maj. Elmer272
Flanagan, Father Edward275
Fleischer, Lewis973
Fleming, J. H. and Son921
Fleming, Leland A.10
Fleming, Rev. R. S.951
Flemke, W. R.639
Fletcher, Haru237
Flood of 1913612
Flournoy, City Attorney Landon Jr.287
Flournoy, Landon C. Jr.266, 288
Floyd, Dan234
Floyd, H. T.616
Floyd, Hart253
Floyd, Hughie236
Floyd, William236, 972
Flynn, Rev. John R.862
Folden, Postmaster John W.934
Foote, Lou231, 258
Ford, Rev. Dr.633
Ford, Rev. H. M.897
Foremen's Club3
Forsman, Max39
Forward, Dr. W. S.962, 968
Foster, Norman6
Foster, U. G.974
Foster, W. J.267, 282
Foundry and machine shop857
Fourney, Landon C.932
Fourth Presbyterian Church255
Fourth Street Baptist Church918
Fowler, George264
Fox, Maj. Gen. Charles2, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17
Fox, Pvt. Charles W.13
Fox, W. H.234
Frances, Charles J.967
Francis, James Walter274, 275
Frankfort, KY623
Franklin, George N.241
Franklin, Hollie282
Franks, Aaron623
Frasier, Oscar230, 236
Fraternal Order of Police274, 284
Frayser, Thomas253
Frazier, John W.895
Free mail delivery242
Freels, Jesse640
Freels, Leslie233
Freels, Orlando233, 640
French, Charley230
French, John H.895
Frenkel, B. A.636
Friendly Bar291
Frisse, Edward260
Fry, John897
Fryer, C. C.1
Fryer, Clarence Sr.1
Fulkerson, William231
Fulner, Louis967
Fulwiler Lot248
Fulwiler, Mrs. Elizabeth248
Funk, Andrew40
Funk, Edward40
Funston, Henry855
Fuquay, David223, 230, 240, 848
Furnish, William225


Gabe Opera House250
Gabe precinct961
Gabe, George W.963
Gabe, John Sr.618
Gabe, Pat622
Gabe, William J. (Willie)40
Gaffney, Raymond237
Gahagen, Norman230, 287
Gaines Funeral Home36
Gaines, Clifford33
Gaines, John A.895
Gaines, Smith225, 249
Gaines, Thomas Sr.917
Gallaher Co.606
Galloway, Dr. W. S.274, 972
Galloway, Ewing620
Gambling284, 286, 292
Garard, Gov. James950
Gardner, Mrs. Jake7
Gardner, Robert230, 240
Garner, Floyd33
Garrison, Henry8, 27
Garrison, Robert H.880
Gas rationing274
Gasoline rationing268
Gatlin, Tom271
Gatlin, W. E.231
Gayhart, Aunt Nancy264
Gebhard, F. L.244
Gee, Raymond234
Geibel, Beulah971
Geibel, Clarence W.932
Geibel, Councilman K. Jr.939
Geibel, Fred622, 623
Geibel, Peter244, 250, 630, 631
Geibel, Peter Co.604
Geisler, Eugene243
Gem Theatre255, 638
General Election 1952884
General Electric270
Geneva Baptist Church260
Gentry, E. J. Jr.39
Gentry, Harvey C.882
George White Farm878
George, Essie231
Gerhardt's Restaurant292
Gerich, Charles231
German Evangelical and Reformed Church251, 254
German Evangelical Church250, 916
German Methodist Church941
Gibbons, John Everett37
Gibbons, Mrs. Cliff37
Gibbons, Mrs. Esthel37
Gibbons, Ollie235
Gibbons, Ronald F.37
Gibbs, Claud239
Gibbs, Claude283
Gibbs, Maj. T. K.954
Gibbs, Paul276, 282
Gibson, A. W.243
Gibson, Carl230
Gibson, Charles2, 236
Gibson, George895
Gibson, Ismael231
Gibson, Joel878
Gilbert, Dick222, 227
Gilbert, Henry9
Gill, S. R.283
Gillett, Miss Leone273
Gilmore, Curtis231
Gilmore, Philip229
Gilmour, Philip223
Gipperich, Father19, 40, 283
Girmes, Jack275
Girven, Richard231
Girvin, Dick258
Gish, Aubrey851
Gish, C. M.602
Gish, Clee966
Gish, Deputy Cleo34
Gish, Don8, 27
Gish, Edward967
Gish, Marion616
Gish, Penny23
Gish, Porter G.966
Gish, Walter973
Githen, Emerson277
Givens, B. F.972
Givens, George D.283
Givens, Jimmie236
Givens, Judge M. C.256, 925
Givens, Louis231
Givens, Master Commissioner602
Givens, Special Judge George D.250
Glass House Restaurant292
Glenn, Col. John896, 897, 898, 899
Glenn, Phillip282
Glennon, Bert6
Glover, Thomas A.36
Gobbons, Ollie876
Gobel, Gov.288
Gobin, John D.895
Godman, Mark36, 271, 272
Goehring, C. A.975
Goehring, Charles30, 31, 261
Gold Label Paint Store902
Golden, James266
Golden, Julian H.216
Good Government League292, 614
Goodley, William851
Goodman, Thomas231, 257
Goodrich, Walter233
Goodrum Hotel274
Gorham, Fred Jaynes967
Graham, J. W.290, 290
Grance, Rev. Father Don F.929
Grand Theatre928
Grant, G. H.917, 918
Grasshopper infestation267
Grasty, Joe964, 969
Grasty, W. F.243
Gravel road referendum862
Graves, Detective622
Graves, Police Chief C. E. (Doc)629, 634, 638
Gray, Taylor271
Grayson, Joe231
Grayson, W. P.895
Grayson, William947, 949
Green and Barren Navigation Co.910
Green River244, 604, 611, 612, 627, 628, 631, 633, 907, 908, 909, 910, 934, 935
Green River Hotel256
Green River Production Credit Assn.10
Green Sheriff William848
Green, Clarence268, 268
Green, Col. Gabriel878
Green, George286, 634, 895, 971
Green, Lee967
Green, Othor237
Green, Rev. Henry917
Green, Robert237
Green, Sally290
Green, Sheriff John848
Greencastle Dam909, 910
Greenway, Charles230, 240
Greenwell, H. J.39
Greenwell, Joe239, 277, 278
Greenwell, Joseph873
Greenwell, Lucien236
Greenwell, Mayor Marion6, 9
Greger, Capt. Jack E.13
Gregory, J. W.975
Gregory, Rev. D. B.616
Grett, Capt.971
Grider, William H.619
Griffin, Charles264
Griffin, Lee235
Griffin, Marvin639
Griffin, P. W.972
Griffin, Patrick931
Griffin, Sarah931
Griffin, Silas614
Grimes, Harry222, 227
Grimes, Martin Lutwell249
Grimes, Stephen223, 923, 924
Grosham, James B.967
Grubbs, John6
Gump, Andy971


H. K. Williams Co.22, 35
H. Schlesinger Co.244
Haag, Commissioner849
Haag, F. S.616
Haag, Frank630, 863, 864, 962, 968
Haffey, Martha614
Haffey, Mary614
Hagan, P. L.39
Hagan, R. A.245
Hager, Doyle239
Hager, James Jr.289
Hailman, Herschel238
Hain, Mrs. Elizabeth270
Hale, Henry236
Haley, E. J.248
Hall, C. F.968
Hall, Clay859, 863, 864, 971
Hall, Clyde877
Hall, E. G.858, 870
Hall, Elbert967
Hall, First Lt. Kent13
Hall, Frances972
Hall, Henry232
Hall, Mayor235, 849, 850, 851
Hall, O. C.279, 921
Halle, Police Chief Fred7
Halliwell, Rev. Albert640
Hamilton, Col. Dana R.15
Hamilton, Hariett Elizabeth868
Hamilton, Mrs. Ophelia36
Hancock, Alice Millinery Store616
Hancock, B. C.639
Hancock, Frank231
Hancock, G. J. Jr.39
Hancock, J. T.621
Hancock, Martin S.858, 870
Hancock, Mrs. Arch21
Hancock, William967
Handley, O. T.9
Hape, Louis253
Harder, John877
Hardin, John10
Harding, Dan H.968, 969
Hardy, Rev. Frank L.639
Hare, Ed286, 287, 962, 968
Hare, H. S.965, 969, 974
Harmon, James223
Harness, C. E.276
Harness, E. P.244
Harp, Jess964, 969
Harp, Micajah223, 228, 229945, 947, 948, 949
Harp, Sally223, 945, 946, 947, 948, 949, 950
Harp, Susannah223, 945, 946, 947, 948, 949, 950
Harp, Wiley223
Harpe, Susannah229
Harpe, Wiley229
Harper, Joe222, 227
Harpole, Bernie966
Harralson, Mrs. Ruth287
Harrington, Ralph239
Harrington, Sue239
Harrington, William225
Harris Funeral Home37
Harris precinct961
Harris, B. L.245
Harris, Ben L.618
Harris, Bobby238
Harris, City Judge Sam250
Harris, Leigh278, 285
Harris, Lollie971
Harris, Mrs. Leigh291
Harris, Peter917
Harris, Prof. Sam219
Harris, S. D.962, 968, 969
Harris, Sam859
Harris, Welborn974
Harris, William223
Harrison, Ben941
Harrison, I. H.609
Harrison, Lt. John878
Harrison, William973
Hart precinct961
Hart, Commissioner J. H.849
Hart, J. H.850, 962, 968
Hart, John878, 939, 964, 969
Hart, Nancy Morgan878
Hartman, CWO Harland S.13, 17
Haselwood, C. O.963
Haselwood, T. H.965
Haskins, R. A.245
Hatcehtt, Eli850
Hatcher, E. R.601
Hatchett, Abraham878
Hatchett, Arch850, 971, 972
Hatchett, Ed233, 640
Hatchett, Hart283, 883, 962, 963, 964, 968
Hatfield, James232, 603
Haussman, John D.856, 922
Hawes, Lafayette224
Hawkins, Tom974
Hayden, Rev. J. P.260
Hayes, C. T.245
Hayes, Cora Lee234
Hayes, James240
Hayes, Louis629
Hayhurst, Bert222, 227
Hays, James230
Hays, John230
Hazelwood, Hannah223, 230, 240, 848
Hazelwood, Ira227
Hazelwood, Roy23, 29, 34, 966, 974
Hazelwood, T. C.969, 970
Head, Albro850, 851
Head, James287
Headden, Frank638
Health Center269
Heat wave of 1913615
Hebbardsville608, 630
Hebbardsville Coal Co.265
Hebbardsville High School260
Heckler, Claude232, 627
Hector, Henry225, 890
Hedden, Frank877
Heilbronner, S. B.601, 603, 604
Heilbronner, S. O.276, 968
Heilbronner, Sel O.962
Heiner, Charles621
Heinz Factory270, 275
Held's Bakery606
Held's Park244
Held, Ed250
Held, Jacob219, 220, 244, 606, 858, 940
Held, Mrs. Ed606
Held, Town Marshal Jacob Sr.939
Helm, Hugh Sr.275
Helsley, Dr. Harold276
Henderson and Nashville Railroad208
Henderson and Union Petroleum Company889
Henderson Anti-TB Society614, 622, 627
Henderson Athletic Club249
Henderson Board of Education612
Henderson Boat Club273
Henderson Box Factory621
Henderson Brewery621
Henderson Bridge Co.209, 210, 252, 614
Henderson Builders and Supply Co.637
Henderson Catholic Church929
Henderson Chamber of Commerce37, 292
Henderson City and County Jails919, 920, 921, 924
Henderson City Assessments 1917639
Henderson City Council602, 607
Henderson City Elections968, 969, 970
Henderson City Hall920, 921
Henderson City School Board633
Henderson City School enrollment623
Henderson Co. , forming of935
Henderson Co. General Election 1955880
Henderson Co. General Election of 1954961
Henderson Commercial Club250
Henderson Concrete Co.260
Henderson Cotton Mills254
Henderson County 3rd annual fair639
Henderson County Bar Associations273
Henderson County Board of Education629, 630
Henderson County Budget 1799922
Henderson County Budget 195537
Henderson County Court914, 922
Henderson County Democratic Party277
Henderson County Medical Society252, 627, 629
Henderson County Savings Bank921
Henderson County Seal922
Henderson County Sheriff923
Henderson County Tax Assessments218
Henderson County tax rates28
Henderson Court House894, 919
Henderson Creamery882
Henderson Daily Gleaner892, 938
Henderson Desegregation Committee4
Henderson Desk Co.608, 621
Henderson Election 1956216
Henderson Election of 1891241
Henderson Election of 1911603, 604
Henderson Election of 1912608, 609
Henderson Election of 1913616
Henderson Election of 1914261, 627
Henderson Election of 1916636
Henderson Election of 1917640
Henderson Election of 1922971
Henderson Election of 1923971
Henderson Election of 1924971
Henderson Election of 1925972
Henderson Election of 1926972
Henderson Election of 1927972
Henderson Election of 1928972
Henderson Election of 1929962, 973
Henderson Election of 1932973
Henderson Election of 1933962, 973
Henderson Election of 1934973
Henderson Election of 1935963, 974
Henderson Election of 1937963, 974
Henderson Election of 1939975
Henderson Election of 1940975
Henderson Election of 1941263, 963, 975
Henderson Election of 1944975
Henderson Election of 1947964
Henderson Election of 1949964
Henderson Election of 1951965
Henderson Election of 1953965
Henderson Election of 1955965
Henderson Elevator Co.282
Henderson Elks Lodge602
Henderson Episcopal Church916
Henderson Farm Bureau274
Henderson Feed and Commission Co.928
Henderson Female Seminary251
Henderson Festival3
Henderson Fire Department602
Henderson First Baptist Church861
Henderson First Christian Church879
Henderson Fiscal Court602, 606
Henderson Girl Scouts277
Henderson Gleaner253, 283, 617, 621, 629
Henderson Gleaner and Journal260, 273, 284, 291, 914, 929
Henderson High School243, 247, 248, 256, 603
Henderson Hospital270, 270, 275, 280
Henderson Hotel253, 845, 846
Henderson Journal250, 258, 291
Henderson Lecture Club242
Henderson Lions Club932
Henderson Lions Club Radio Auction932
Henderson Lodge IOOF268
Henderson Masonic Lodge274
Henderson Medical Society610
Henderson Mining Co.281
Henderson Morning Gleaner958
Henderson National Bank252
Henderson News897
Henderson Optimist Club290
Henderson population 1800-1970870
Henderson Population 1893247
Henderson Population 1943857
Henderson Post Office220, 614, 902
Henderson Postmasters881
Henderson Power Plant263
Henderson Primary Election 1933883
Henderson Primary Election of 1921971
Henderson Primary Election of 1923971
Henderson Primary Election of 1924971
Henderson Primary Election of 1925971
Henderson Primary Election of 1927972
Henderson Primary Election of 1929962, 972
Henderson Primary Election of 1931973
Henderson Primary Election of 1933962
Henderson Primary Election of 1935963, 973
Henderson Primary Election of 1936974
Henderson Primary Election of 1937963, 974
Henderson Primary Election of 1938974
Henderson Primary Election of 1939963, 963, 974
Henderson Primary Election of 1941975
Henderson Primary Election of 1942975
Henderson Primary Election of 1943964
Henderson Primary Election of 1944975
Henderson Primary Election of 1945964, 975
Henderson Primary Election of 1947964
Henderson Primary Election of 1949964
Henderson Primary Election of 1951965
Henderson Primary Election of 1953965
Henderson Primary Election of 1955965
Henderson Primary Election of 1957966
Henderson Public Library912, 913
Henderson Reservoir272
Henderson Retailers, Inc.278, 284, 289, 292
Henderson Run-Off Election of 1935973
Henderson School Board621
Henderson Street Car Co.244
Henderson street cleaning department944
Henderson Telephone and Telegraph Co.252, 253
Henderson Tobacco Extraction Works604
Henderson Traction Co.606, 607, 616, 625
Henderson Trust Co.252
Henderson Union Church914, 915
Henderson Wagon Works602
Henderson Waterworks263, 936
Henderson Woolen Mills255
Henderson Works24
Henderson, Col. Richard885, 935
Henderson, Mary929
Henderson, Richard852, 853
Henderson, Richard E. and Co.935
Henderson, Samuel852
Henderson-Evansville Bridge260, 263, 267, 277
Henderson-Evansville-Nashville RR Co.209, 255, 256
Henderson-Union REA276, 290
Henn, Charles261, 969, 973
Henry, Rev. Victor P.21
Henshaw, David222, 226
Henson precinct961
Henson, C. J.845
Henson, Earl966
Henson, Judge J. W.258, 263, 601, 602, 603, 607, 609, 627, 631, 632, 638, 972
Herndon, Mack269
Herron's Liquor and Beer Wholesale Co.291
Herron, Alma40
Herron, Elmer261, 264, 267, 875, 975
Herron, Thomas225, 249
Hershman, Cpl. B. W.14
Hester, Herschel965, 969
Hi-Y Drive-In Theatre282
Hickerson, Charles239
Hickman, Sheriff John E.848, 926
Hicks, Arthur224
Hicks, Frits967
Hicks, Helen40
Hicks, Sandy223, 230, 240, 848
Hicks, Walter224
Hicks, Will222, 227
Higgins, Alex225, 249
Higgins, Brady249
Higgins, R. H.608, 622
Higgins, Rev. N. B.951
Higginson, Mat224
Highland Creek889
Highway 60 paving25
Higsby, Louis235
Hill, Bona607
Hill, Earl966
Hill, Henry222, 227
Hill, J. Harry230, 240
Hill, Sgt. Sherman262
Hill, Thomas231
Hillary, Henry237
Hillyer, David H.881
Hillyer, James881
Hillyer, Philo H.881
Hinds, W. W.250
Hines, Clarence635
Hinnitt, Prof.614
Hite, L. P.625, 959
Hite, Superintendent608
Hobbs, Rev. Douglass I.610
Hobbs, Robert967
Hodge, Edwin252
Hodge, William G.268
Hodges, Dr. J. R.286
Hoffman State Sen. Stanley277
Hoffman, D. A.252
Hoffman, Stanley270, 271, 282, 289, 975
Hog cholera outbreak of 1912609
Holder, C. M.236
Holder, Sam277
Hole in the Wall634
Holifield, Assistant Atty. Gen. M. B.37
Holland, John623
Holloway and Norcross252
Holloway Farm878
Holloway, Alfred36
Holloway, George220, 881, 902, 946
Holloway, Louise639
Holloway, Maj. John878
Holloway, William36, 222, 227
Hollowell, Irwin (Red)3
Hollowell, John861
Hollowell, T. C.274, 964, 965, 966, 969, 969
Holmes, Frank222, 226, 252
Holy Name Cardinals286, 290
Holy Name Church40, 248, 249, 257, 260, 290, 291, 618, 626, 631, 930, 931
Holy Name School260, 282, 283, 287, 614, 931
Home Oil and Gas Co.35, 283
Homes, Lol233
Hominy and grist mill857
Hooper, Mrs. Bettie290
Hopkins County886
Hopkins, Ella623
Hopkins, Gen. Samuel856, 878, 885, 919
Hopkins, Miss E. J.850
Hopkins, Woodson627
Hopwood, Tom232, 601
Horn, Livas239, 280
Horning, Herman973, 974
Horse Racing888
Horseley, Joe224
Horton, Mrs. Elizabeth897
Horton, Mrs. J. L.612
Hosbach, Karl2, 6, 35, 287, 974, 975
Hoskins, Josephine40
Hospital Opened271
Hotel Henderson902
Hotel Soaper275
Housing Project for Henderson287
Howard, Blanchard974
Howard, D. A.968
Howard, Ed276
Howard, John224
Howard, William236, 865
Howe, John Junior971
Howell, Willis276
Howes, C. P.39
Howze, William237
Hoy, O. B.601, 850
Hubbard-Vogel Storehouse287
Huddleston, Elam973
Hudgens, William Sam223, 228, 229
Hudgion, Jack279
Hudgions, Elizabeth291
Hudgions, Jack270, 286, 287, 885, 914, 958
Hudson, Capt. J. T.31
Huff, Dwight20
Huggins, Robert C.967
Hughes, Dutch258
Hughes, Henry231
Hughes, James A.245
Hughes, Murray963, 968
Hughes, R. A.282, 291
Hughes, Sgt. John878
Hughes, W. L.864
Hughes, William H.968
Hughes, William L.972
Hughleim, John O.968
Huhlein, Councilman638
Huhlein, John621, 630
Humber, Brenda P.260
Humber, R. H.621
Humber, W. R.260
Humber, William R.932
Hunaker, Bruce6
Hungate, Phil222, 227
Hunt precinct961
Hunt, H. L.620
Hunt, James261, 266, 290, 969
Hunt, Judge N. B.851
Hunt, Melvin288
Hunt, N. B.971, 972
Hunter, Linda12
Hunter, Mack Lee269
Hurley, Lee261, 860, 883, 962, 963, 968, 969
Hurst, Hugh23
Hurt, E. A.270
Hurt, E. A. Tin Shop616
Husband, Sheriff John945, 946, 950
Husbands, John881, 919, 922
Husbands, Sibella881
Hussel, Andrew937
Hussel, Herman936, 937
Hust, Oscar966, 970
Hutchen, C. W.896, 897
Hutchen, S. H.604, 968
Hutcheson, E. Howard932
Hutcheson, F. M.971
Hutcheson, F. M. Sr.609
Hutchinson, Clarence266
Hyland Baptist Church29, 34, 282, 861


I. C. Railway253
Ice factory857
Illinois Central Railroad1, 212, 213, 214, 253, 255, 256
Illinois Central Railroad freight house602
Immanuel Baptist Temple40, 625, 627, 628, 629, 630
Imperial Tobacco Co.611
Indiana Audubon Society622
Indigent Vets282
International Knights248
Interstate Commerce Commission214
Iron Horse208, 213, 214, 215
Irvin, Leslie239, 872
Irvin, Randolph255
Ishmael Gibson Farm288


J. W. Brisby Shoe Shop257
J. W. Spencer Grocery257
Jackson, Felix222, 227
Jackson, H. R.275
Jackson, Nathaniel231
Jackson, R. L.973
Jacobs, Shelby971
Jaeger, George3
Jamerson Day289
Jamerson, Shorty286, 289
James, George L.238
Jarvis, A. B.616
Jarvis, Arthur255
Jaycee convention275
Jaycees267, 270, 274, 287, 288, 289, 290
Jefferson School256, 270
Jelly, George W.971
Jenifer, William224
Jenkins, Charles917
Jenkins, Forrest35
Jenkins, G. A.972
Jenkins, Henry231
Jenkins, Marion236
Jenkins, Rev. T. J.929
Jennings, Oscar288, 970
Jennings, Oscar B.36, 880
Jennings, Oscar P.965
Jennings, R. S.271
Jetton, W. C.638
Jewell, John237
Jewell, S. L.601
John C. Thomason Grocery846
John Deere Implement Store9, 12
Johnson precinct961
Johnson, Charles222, 227, 866
Johnson, Chester230
Johnson, Col. Adam934
Johnson, Col. Joe B.893
Johnson, Commissioner J. W.849
Johnson, Councilman W. S.939
Johnson, George M.605
Johnson, Goldie866
Johnson, Henry236
Johnson, J. E.968
Johnson, J. Moss639
Johnson, J. W.616, 640, 850, 859, 962, 963, 968, 969
Johnson, Jailer E. M.243, 927
Johnson, James B.262, 604, 640, 641, 644, 859, 864
Johnson, John F.879
Johnson, Keen973, 974, 975
Johnson, Lewis273, 975
Johnson, Mayor623, 625, 628, 629
Johnson, Mayor J. W.630, 631, 632, 633, 638, 658
Johnson, Meda230
Johnson, Mrs. Susan262
Johnson, P. P.956
Johnson, Richard L.230
Johnson, Richard M.879
Johnson, Robert232
Johnson, Samuel612
Johnson, Squire Joseph255
Johnson, Stanley29, 268, 271
Johnson, W. S. and Sons Drug Store928
Johnson, William S.896
Johnston, J. B.246, 859, 954
Johnston, Thomas230, 240
Jolly, Percy639, 877
Jonas, E. A.912, 913
Jonas, Mrs. E. A.627
Jones, Abe225
Jones, Abner223, 848, 934
Jones, Carl967
Jones, Cloyd C.282
Jones, Edward A.291
Jones, Filmore601
Jones, Fred233, 637, 867
Jones, G. E.974
Jones, H. A.245
Jones, H. F.256
Jones, Harry E.962, 968, 972, 974
Jones, J. L.245
Jones, J. R.260, 974
Jones, John975
Jones, Josephine236, 865
Jones, Owen236, 236, 865
Jones, Postmaster C. C.624
Jones, Robert20, 290
Jones, T. E.618
Jones, William967, 972
Jordan, Boyd234
Jordan, E. S.263, 883, 969, 974, 975
Jorris, H. G.626
Joy, Dr. Barnard23
Jr. Chamber of Commerce278
Juergensmeier, Frederick916
Junior Chamber of Commerce3
Junior Civic League3
Junior High29
Junior Service League3


Katterjohn Construction Co.265
Katterjohn, C. A.608
Katterjohn, M. L.266, 267
Katterjohn, Mrs. Marvin271
Kavanaugh precinct961
Kayser, John607
Keach, John965, 969
Keach, Thomas972
Keen, Sgt. Gale F.15
Keene, Charles (Pie)239, 277, 278, 873
Keliderer, C. F.244
Kellen store938
Kellen, W. P.971, 972, 973, 973, 974
Kellen, Walter640, 964, 969, 975
Kellen, Walter P.938
Kelley, Gude222, 226, 250, 251
Kelly, Cpl. John D.266, 267
Kenard, Dr. George S.618
Kendall, John236
Kennedy, John F.245
Kennedy, Mrs. V. D.288
Kennedy, Rev. P. H.918
Kent, Dr. M. W.288, 289
Kentucky Air Products20
Kentucky Bakery604
Kentucky Chemical Co.271
Kentucky Concrete Co.265
Kentucky court of appeals614
Kentucky Department of Highways960
Kentucky Future Homemakers of America271
Kentucky Jaycee885
Kentucky Military Division896
Kentucky Milling Co.251
Kentucky Mills941
Kentucky Mother of 1948275
Kentucky Planing Mill249
Kentucky Poultry Co.290
Kentucky River886
Kentucky Tavern280
Kentucky Tavern Club275
Kerr, J. C.869
Kerr, Wesley872
Kerrick, George225, 248
Key, Cornelius232, 604
Keystone Mine256, 262, 639
Kiefer, Wilms267
Killmon, Henry232, 620
Kimmel Home275
Kimmel precinct961
Kimmel, Husband E.255, 263
Kimmel, M. M246
Kimmel, Manning614
Kimmel, S. H.603
Kimsey, Hoyt268
Kinchelee, D. H.971, 972
Kinchloe, D. H.627
Kinchloe, Peter225, 890
Kinder, Paul965, 969
King, Arthur L.869
King, C. F.618
King, Charles845, 975
King, Councilman P. H.939
King, Frank883
King, H. H.246
King, H. L.263
King, Harbert L.869
King, James L.224
King, Joseph F.895
King, Lee971, 971
King, Leo973, 974
King, PFC Keroy12
Kingdon hotel621, 629, 845
Kirby, F. M.604
Kirby, Maurice289, 889
Kirel, John241
Kissee, James223, 230, 240, 848
Kitchell Tobacco Co.247, 619, 620
Kitty League281
Klauder, Mrs. George264
Klee, Louis C.244
Klee-Morton Co.928
Kleiderer and Geibel, Groceres254
Kleiderer's Parkland255
Kleiderer, C. F.256, 628
Kleiderer, Charles F.845, 846
Kleiderer, Louis846, 903
Kleiderer, W. S.254
Kleymeyer and Klutey615
Kleymeyer, H. C. Co.940
Kleymeyer, Henry624, 916
Klutey Estate280, 281
Klutey, F. C.624
Knight, Aaron900
Knight, Elliott963, 968
Knight, J. L. (Hump)264
Knight, Russell636, 972
Knight, Warren974, 974
Knights of Columbus609
Knolls, Herman245
Kockritz precinct961
Kockritz, A. T.616
Kockritz, A. T. , Batteries and Tires928
Kockritz, Walter255
Koewler, Frank265
Koewler, Joe624
Kohl, H. W.601
Kokernot, Henry223
Kole, George K.639
Konsler, Bryant A.264
Koper, Harry968
Koper, Harry G.278
Korth, Elmer25
Kranz, Rev. C.916
Kraver Row615
Kraver, Al277
Kraver, Alfred E.276, 869
Kraver, Henry605, 628, 638
Kriby, Maurice939
Kriel, John248
Kriel, Marshal245
Kroger Market274
Krug, Frank211
Kuebler, William E.263, 263
Kusan, Inc.270


L & N Bridge263
L & N Depot270
L & N Freight House244
L & N Henderson Bridge214, 614, 883
L & N Railroad208, 209, 210, 211, 212, 213, 215, 253, 255, 256, 608
LaBas, Walter274
Labor Strike631
Lackey, Hecht S.31, 36, 276, 290, 860, 965, 966, 969, 970
Lackey, W. S.282
Lacy, Rev. E. C.290
Laffoon, Ruby260, 288, 876, 973
Lain, Henry932, 958
Lamb, Mrs. Guy19
Lamb, Reginald8
Lambert and Craig Dry Cleaners276
Lambert and Grisham Hardware Co.264, 928
Lambert Joel255
Lambert's Grocery634
Lambert, James L.264
Lambert, Mrs. John R.636
Lambert, P. J.869
Lambert, Rev. Joel255
Lambert, Sam260, 964, 969
Lambert, W. T.244, 608
Lambert, William T.250
Lancaster, W. D.635
Landers, Fennon967
Landis, U. S. Rep.274
Lang's Market928
Lang, John614
Langley, David270
Langley, McHenry637, 640
Langley, Mike233
Larke spoke and handle factory857
LaRue, Mrs. Mary273
LaRue, W. I.968, 972
Latta, Charles851
Latta, S. S.261, 270, 271, 972, 974, 975
Law, W. R.245
Lawler precinct961
Lawrence, John B.616
Lawrence, Walter234
Lazarus Powell Home257
Lee, Gen. Robert E.894
Lee, Jon A.230, 240
Leek, John225
Legal Executions in Henderson County923
Leiber, Albert Co.619
Lemery, Lt. Col. Harry V.13
Lemon, R. S.39
Lennartz, Rev. W. T.290
Leonard, E. R.225
Leonard, Erasmas231
Leonard, Ross248
Leper, John946, 947, 948, 949, 950
Lester Cemetery878
Lestering, Jack232, 627
Letcher, Dr. James H.634
Letcher, Gibney Oscar266, 616
Letcher, J. B.245
Letcher, Kathryn Hodge284
Letcher, Oscar267
Lett, A. N.232
Lett, Lorine C.966
Lett, Mrs. Drury31
Lett, Thomas E.850, 864, 968
Levi, Leon250
Levy Furniture Co.928
Levy, Henry244
Levy, Mike244, 610
Lewis, George222, 226
Lewis, Henry247
Lewis, Jack239
Lewis, James M.895
Lewis, Jesse K.880
Lewis, John236
Lewis, Joseph224
Lewis, Sgt. Jack278
Liberty Bell, The944
Lichstein, A.244
Light Plant273, 276, 280
Light plant explosion281
Ligon, J. Owen616, 634
Likens, Royce966, 970
Likens, William M.973
Liles, E. B.640
Liles, Robert851
Lincoln, Abraham889, 894
Lind, Jenny618
Lindsley, Henry D.869
Lindstrom Building902
Linebarger, Otis287
Link, William T.2
Linsey, Nevil947, 948, 950
Lions Club3, 266, 271, 280
List, J. T.605
Little Commando Night Club287
Little Union Church892, 914
Little, Mrs. John290
Littrell, Dale289
Littrell, Mrs. Leola289
Livers, Charles917
Livingston, Prof.256
Livingstone, Alfred256
Lockett, H. Turner925
Lockett, Hon. John W.954
Lockett, James H.601
Lockett, Judge247, 257
Lockett, P. H.919
Lockett, Wickliffe256, 607
Lockett, William Jr.895
Lockhart, PFC Harvey16
Loeb Furniture Co.629
Logan, Dr.40
Logan, M. M.974
Long, C. W.245, 854
Long, Eddie233, 637, 640
Long, Luther237
Lott, Elijah224
Louisville Store604, 928
Louisville, Henderson, & St. Louis Railway (The Henderson)212, 213
Louisville, St. Louis, and Texas Railroad212, 213
Love, James222, 226
Love, Major William945, 946, 947, 948, 949
Love, Prof. William223
Love, Walter231
Lovers Lane1
Lowe, James234
Loyd, Dan277
Loyd, Dickie290
Lucas, A. S.851
Lucas, Rev. W. A.617
Lucas, Robert972, 974
Lucas, William M.39
Lyman, Mrs. Margaret270
Lynch, Father E. J.626, 631, 930, 931
Lynch, George227
Lynch, James36
Lynch, Rev. W. L.861
Lynching in Henderson, Kentucky876
Lyne, City Clerk Henry939
Lyne, George H.607
Lyne, Gilas222, 227
Lyne, J. H.624
Lyne, J. H. Paint Co.629
Lyne, James Henry266
Lyne, L. H.939
Lynn, Bettie616
Lyric theatre621


MacDonald, Clark972
Mackey, John917
Mad dogs282
Magby, Silas947, 949
Magill, D. M.30
Magnolia Coal Mine258
Mahan, Bob284
Mahoney, George283
Mahurin, C. I.963, 965, 968, 969, 974
Mahurin, H. H.963, 968
Mailranz, Kenneth Benj.288
Majors, Jack232, 618
Male High School, Louisville889
Mallory, John B.845
Mallory, Maj. Rupert T.15
Mallory, Sarah G.845
Maloney, C. W.272, 272
Man in Gray274, 275, 276
Mangrum, Rev. O. R.639
Manion, Councilman248
Manion, Ed246, 254, 617, 622
Manion, J. E.609
Manion, James629, 883, 962, 968
Manion, John C.617, 618
Manion, M. J. (Markie)264
Manion, Mat248
Manion, Miss Dora857
Manion, Peter241, 252, 267, 608
Mann Bros. Department Store845, 921, 928, 929
Mann Estate266
Mann, Colonel E. H.211
Mann, Joseph222, 227
Mann, Mrs. Ike255
Mansfield, J. B.281
Manufacturer's Assn.3
Margedant, Jerry291
Marks, A. G.276
Marks, E. H.608
Marks, Eugene C.967
Marland, Gov. William C.13, 15, 16
Marland, John W.15
Marland, William L.2
Marrs, Paul J.624, 895
Marshall Flouring Mill242
Marshall Leo289
Marshall, Col. William878
Marshall, Douglas222, 226, 251
Marshall, Grant236
Marshall, Julius232, 612
Marshall, Leo Jr.239
Marshall, Pete251
Marshall, Starling621, 972
Marshall, Thomas639, 973, 974
Marshall, W. J.249
Marshall, Wister282
Marstall Furniture Co.253, 608, 625, 629, 637, 884, 967
Marstall precinct961
Marstall, Ed629
Marstall, Herman256, 625
Marstall, Theodore256
Mart, Walter848, 926
Martin's Store616
Martin, Fire Chief Letcher264, 277, 283
Martin, James237
Martin, Joe279, 292
Martin, John878
Martin, Letcher271
Martin, Lt. Col. Robert934
Martin, Minnie225, 241, 848, 924
Martin, Remon225, 249
Martin, Robert225
Martin, Stephen900
Martin, William E. (Billy)286
Marynell, Edgar L.968
Marynell, Eugene967
Marynell, George967
Marynell, Lonnie967
Masey, Hewitt877
Mason, Councilman624
Mason, H. C.630
Mason, H. Chapman616
Mason, Prof. John K.247
Mason, Prof. Thomas E.603
Masonic Building845
Masonic Lodge252
Massey, Forrest279
Massey, Green946
Massey, Jake225, 245
Massey, John225
Master Commissioner's sale605
Mater Dei High School Band3
Matthews, P. B.858
Matthews, Rev. George917
Matthews, S. G.241
Matthews, Sidney291
Matthews, William240
Matthews, Wm.230, 230, 240
Mattingly, T. K.39
Mayer, J. F.939
Mayer, Rev. Theodore629
Mayors of Henderson, Kentucky858
Mays, Cecil974, 975
Mays, Cecil L.974
McAllister, Henry223, 230, 240, 848
McAllister, Mrs. Floyd7
McAvoy, H. J.884
McBride, Ambrose895
McBride, Harry638
McBride, Horace895
McBride, John881
McCallister, Eneas887, 933
McCallister, John E.933, 934
McCallister, Joseph225, 890
McCartney, F. R.39
McCarty, Dennis238
McClain Woods248
McClain, Jackson941
McClain, W. P.616
McClain, William P.925
McClanahan, Henry230
McClarney, John231
McClellan, H. B.622
McClosky, Rev. William G.930
McClung, Martha230
McClure, John Myrton967
McClure, Mrs. Charles33
McClure, Roy P.967
McClure, W. E.290, 292, 973, 974
McCollom Farm878
McCollom, Roydon290
McCormick, George933
McCormick, James235
McCormick, John S.933
McCormick, Thomas234
McCracken, W. V.212
McCreary, Gov.631
McCreary, James B.603
McCurry, J. V.237
McCurry, John239
McDonald, C. L.972
McDowell, Henry850
McElfatrick, J. M.241
McElroy, Jim848, 926
McElroy, Roy261
McFarland, (Infant)222, 227
McFarland, Carrie222, 227
McGaw, J. W.275
McGhee, Annie256
McGinnis, Art867
McGregor, R. B.624
McGuire, Catherine239
McGuire, Louis265
McGuire, Luther967
McGuire, Sam222, 226, 251
McGuire, Thomas265
McHugh, Frank601
McIntosh, Clyde260
McKinley, A. H.621
McKinley, M. J.275
McKinney, Ben849
McKinney, Nebel291
McLaughlin, Belive240
McLaughlin, Ed240
McLean County894, 935
McLeod, Evian9
McManus, Sid271
McMullin, Ben234
McNairy, Ed234
McShane, Daniel277
McVoy, L. L.621
Measles epidemic629
Medcalf, Dr. D. W.632
Mehaffey, Pvt. Ken16
Melton, Carl D.216, 966
Melton, Ford19
Melton, Roy612
Melton, State Rep. Carl D.2
Melton, William275
Melvin, Mike224
Memorial Day21, 27
Merris, B. S.971
Merritt, John236
Merritt, Montgomery623, 624, 636
Metcalf, E. N.608
Methodist Church268, 275, 276, 604, 608, 897, 917, 957
Methodist Hospital31, 276, 282
Metzner, Louis604
Meuth, J. E.39
Meuth, L. W.618
Meyers, L. E.943
Michaels, Robert606
Michel, Rev. A.916
Mid West Fuel Co.639
Middleton, Joe621, 964, 969
Milan, James231
Mill Street257
Miller, A. J.951
Miller, Capt. Robert14
Miller, Capt. William2
Miller, T. J.971
Miller, Virgil283
Miller, William A.941
Miller-Jones Store281
Millet, Francis929
Millett, E. P.250
Millett, Jesse230
Mills, Nathan230, 236, 240
Mills, Wm.230
Milner, J.634
Milner, Jake629
Milner, Jennie639
Minor, Abe224
Miss Meade's Millinery Store256
Mississippi River904, 905
Mitchell, Alex236
Mitchell, Buddy2
Mitchell, Dr. G. E.274
Mitchell, Fred255
Mitchell, Link222, 227
Mitchell, William J.230
Mitchell, Wm. I.240
Moats, R. S.972, 973
Modern Woodmen of the World633
Moffitt, Larkin603
Moore, A. S. (Bert)974
Moore, Allen972
Moore, C. A.971
Moore, C. Allen971, 974
Moore, C. W.237
Moore, Charles972
Moore, J. W.246, 859
Moore, J. William253
Moore, John T.241, 248
Moore, Mayor246
Moore, Otis238
Moore, Pete968
Moore, T. P.39
Moore, W. J. Jr.39
Moore, William222, 226, 251
Moose Club628
Moose Lodge289
Moose Temple288
Mooser, Tom850
Moran, George (Bugs)272
Moran, William225
Morang, Isaac231
Morawitz, Ernest606
Morehead, Frank232
Moreland, Lt. Col. Karl P.13
Morgan, George Henry237
Morgan, J. P.632
Morganfield, KY618
Morris, B. S.883, 971, 972, 973
Morris, Maj. Wilson H.13
Morrow, Edwin632
Morse, P. H.879
Morton, Thruston216
Moseley Cemetery878
Moseley, Capt. Blackman878
Moseley, Circuit Clerk Wynn G.601, 602, 603, 604
Moseley, Dr.624
Moseley, Miss Katherine32, 286
Moseley, Mrs. Bennie635
Moss Funeral Home40
Moss, Charles E.252
Moss, Chiel253
Moss, Dr. Robert H.610
Moss, E. L.264, 974, 975
Moss, Herbert972, 973
Moss, James234
Moss, Mrs. Edna20
Moss, Paul B.282, 932, 975
Moss, Woodrow20
Moss-Audubon Funeral Home37
Moyers, Pvt. David16
Muckenfuss, Eli850
Mueller, Rev. C.916
Mullin, James615
Mullin, Mrs. Onie Mae866
Mullin, Robert C.866
Mullins, Everett Lee975
Mullins, Tramul239
Muncaster, Bettie Cheatham971
Munday, Horace225, 249
Munday, Rev. W. I.282
Mundo and McGraw257
Mundo, John624
Munford, Capt. Allen14
Municipal Housing Commission288
Municipal power and electric plant249, 285, 291, 958, 959, 960
Municipal swimming pool957
Murphy, John230, 240, 848
Murphy, Maj. Kenneth14
Murphy, Will234
Murray, Ethel2
Murray, Father930, 931
Murrell, James T.231, 258
Musgrave, Miss Maude288
Myers, Howard230
Myers, Sam244


Nalier, A. B.943
Nashville, TN885
Natcher, William216
National Convention of Chiefs at Grand Rapids623
National Guard Armory283
National Purity Congress at San Francisco631
Nazum, Sgt. Walter16
Neal, James851
Neal, John W.292
Neel, Dr. V. W.629
Neel, Dr. William V.289
Neel, Newton957
Negley, Andrew239, 277
Negley, Josephine239, 277
Negro School in Corydon253
New Baptist Church-Audubon Heights276
New county high school278, 280, 281, 282, 283
New Hope Baptist Church917
New Missionary Baptist Church-Corydon256
New Municipal Power Plant280
New Quality Novelty Shops275
Newberry Store845
Newcomb precinct636, 961
Newman, Jacob922
Niagara School271, 272
Nicholson, F. W.869
Nicholson, J. L.255, 256, 604, 605
Nicholson, Mr. and Mrs. H. S.265
Nickoledon Theatre Co.629
Niles, Ben E.260, 274
Niles, Rev. Albert A.627
Nisbet, Harry629
Noffsinger, Gus235, 876
Noffsinger, Mrs.235
Norcutt, Gilbert L.869
Norman, Henry DeHaven869
Norman, Mrs. Lal617
Norment, City Judge James B.283, 290
Norment, James266, 601, 602, 963, 968, 969
Norment, Lou Ella237
Norment, Will237
Norment, William967
Norris & Hinckly Co.920
Norris and Lockett Hardware Co.621, 628, 637
Norris Chapel Baptist Church247, 248
Norris, Rev. Lewis917, 918
Norris, S. W.624
Norris, Sidney232
North Audubon precinct961
Norton, Pat274
Norvell, W. E.250
Novelty Theatre, The612
Nuckolls, Capt. George R.15
Nunley, Sidney (Red)287
Nunn, County Clerk A. S.939
Nunnelly, Sidney966


O'Brien, Ben231
O'Bryant, John227
O'Byrne, John624, 628, 939
O'Byrne, Thomas929
O'Daniel, R. H.237
O'Nan, Dr. Walter L.39
O'Neal, Ben223
O'Neal, Gillie237
O'Neel, Louis237
Oak Hill Cemetery625
Oakland Distillery941
Oberdorfer, Ed253
Oberdorfer, Mrs. H.241
Odd Fellows Building845, 846, 902, 940
Officials of 1872939
Ohio Railroad and Mining Co.213
Ohio River39, 209, 611, 625, 628, 633, 886, 914, 933, 935, 954
Ohio River drowning33
Ohio River Oil Co.39
Ohio River Ordnance Works24, 288
Ohio Valley Banking and Trust Co.252, 623, 624, 634, 638, 639
Ohio Valley Baptist Association625
Ohio Valley Furniture Company884, 967
Ohio Valley National Bank280
Ohio Valley Railroad213
Ohio Valley Soybean Cooperative260
Ohio Valley Soybean Mill268
Okeler, Edward283
Old Atkinson Home258
Old Gabe Opera House255
Old Reliable212
Oldham, Commissioner32
Oldham, Elbert234
Oldham, John A.222, 227
Oldham, Mrs, Elbert971
101st Airborne Division275
Opera House242, 248, 616
Optimist Club3
Organ, Evaline230, 240
Organ, Mrs. Malrina230, 240
Organ, William240
Osborn Brush Mfg. Co.272
Oscar Duncan's place285
Otto Somers Co.245
Overby, Henry629
Overby, J. Lacy260
Overby, Postmaster241
Overby, Thomas236
Overby, W. H.621, 622, 902
Overby, W. H. Jr.968
Overby, William H.255, 881
Overfield, Clarence965, 969
Overfield, Emerson267
Overfield, Gordie40
Overfield, Police Capt. Denver7
Overton, Paul975
Owen, Rev. C. D.282
Owens, Jesse966
Owensboro County High School Band3
Owensboro Oilers281
Owensboro, KY611, 622, 625, 628, 631, 636, 894


Padgett, George W.601
Paducah, KY621
Paff, Herman L.967
Palace Saloon258
Palmer, Joe867
Palmore, John S.216, 263, 278, 290, 969
Pardon's Bicycle Store928
Paris, John231
Paris, KY639
Park Carriage Co.603
Park Garage921
Park Theatre249, 257, 603, 607, 614, 620
Park, H. S.219
Park, Harvey S.881
Parker, A. F.219
Parker, Asa F.920
Parker, Fess6
Parker, Mrs. Georgia270
Parker, Prentice232, 604
Parking area288
Parking Meters273, 283, 284
Parrish, C. H.8
Pateson, Gov. Okey L.12
Paving of US 41280
Payne Dixon Farm878
Payne, Joe237
Payne, Sterling223
Peak, W. F.281
Pearce Transfer Co.284
Pearce, George L.261, 963, 964, 965, 968, 969
Pearman, Joe239
Pearson's Tavern40, 279
Pearson, Carl279
Peay, R. D.951
Pedley and Bunch620
Peerless Distillery250, 605, 638
Penetcost, F. J.875
Penner, James639
Pentecost, Attorney850
Pentecost, F. J. (Boss)266, 292, 849
Pentecost, Fred975
Pentecost, Mrs. F. J.621
People Laundry639
People's Bank622
People's Coal Mine612
People's Mine637
People's Savings Bank627, 629, 636
Perkins, J. M.39
Perkins, James4
Perkins, Will231
Perttu, Leonard L.37
Pest Farm272
Pete's Market267
Peter Manion's Boarding House256
Peter, H. C.869
Peter, Jac858
Peter, James236
Peters, Harry236
Petition to sell municipal power and light plant972
Petty, Arthur968, 974
Pew, Bill223
Peyton, Charles223
Pfrangle, Mrs. Mamie283
Phillips, Col. Walter C.2, 15
Phillips, J. B.245
Phillips, Rev. J. M.601, 951, 952
Phipps, Wallace236
Pickering, Ollie622
Pickle, Leon932
Pierce and Richardson firm943
Pierce, Ernest231, 257
Pike Steamboat967
Pillow, Edwin T.238
Pillows, Edwin270
Pinkson, Mrs. Mabel9
Pinson, Byron8
Pirtle, Carl236
Pittsburg Filter Mfg. Co.632
Pittsburgh, Coal Co.252
Plain, Coach T. L.8
Planing and saw mill857
Planters State Bank252, 258, 620, 623, 624
Plattenburg, George879
Plug Horse Derby281, 291
Plug tobacco factory857
Pogue, Minister L. H.37
Pointer, Andrew235
Pointer, Henry235
Polk, (Infant)224
Polk, Jane224
Polk, T. F.278
Polk, W. H.278
Polley, Clarence9
Pond Creek624
Pond River948
Poole High School36
Poole, J. V.273, 972
Poole, Thomas Morris263
Poole, Warren974
Poor House253
Pope Pius X627
Porter, J. F.973
Porter, Paul39
Posey Cut877
Posey's Cut638
Posey, A. H.895
Posey, Alex849, 850, 851
Posey, Alves L.869
Posey, Charles King971
Posey, Charles L.230
Posey, Cpl. Robert A.268, 274
Posey, Jesse232, 618
Posey, John224
Posey, Mayor Robert263, 271, 271, 274, 283, 284, 285
Posey, Mrs. Elizabeth M.275
Posey, Mrs. Theo264
Posey, Pvt. Paul Bernard279
Posey, Ralph W.2
Posey, Robert270, 290, 963, 964
Posey, Robert B.261, 264, 292, 860, 860, 968, 969
Posey, Rucker271, 281, 958, 959
Posey, Sheriff Fayett848
Posey, Theo972, 974
Post Office repairs284
Postal Savings bank603, 604
Powell house938
Powell, Andrew231
Powell, Arthur7
Powell, Capt. Lazarus900
Powell, Col. Nathaniel878
Powell, Cpl. J. Henry925
Powell, David235
Powell, Dee Austin7
Powell, Ed235
Powell, Edward G.895
Powell, Elliott260
Powell, Ellis7
Powell, G. A.39
Powell, G. W.938
Powell, George Lee7
Powell, Harvey7
Powell, Hayes231
Powell, J. H.859
Powell, J. N.612
Powell, James R.967
Powell, John P.223
Powell, John William277
Powell, Maj. Ben258
Powell, Marshall, T. T. Jr.39
Powell, Oaid7
Powell, Postmaster B. L.628
Powell, Postmaster B. M.624
Powell, Rev. and Mrs. W. A.7
Powell, Rev. Dr. Paul Shell33
Powell, Richard223
Powell, Robert7
Powell, Sudie farm9
Powell, Thomas H.602
Powell, Virgie236
Powell, Wallace Lee239
Powers, A. L.238, 272
Prentiss, J.888, 967
Presbyterian Church248
Presbyterian Parsonage846
Presbyterian Sunday School249
Price, Chief851
Price, E. R.631
Price, Elmer849, 850
Price, Sherman235
Price, Sneed235
Price, William237
Priest, George M.939
Priest, Joyce271
Priest, T. W.253
Princess Theatre618, 628, 629, 631, 632, 634, 638, 928
Prior, Eugene237
Pritchett, George231
Pritchett, Prinly895
Pritchett, Shirley2
Pritchett, Thomas895
Pritchett, Von962, 968
Proctor, Mrs. C. G. Millinery Store616
Property tax 195531
Pruitt, Dr. H. W. Jr.932
Pruitt, Hilary W. Sr.932
Pruitt, Pate236
Pryor, Fonnie626
Pryor, Joe969, 973
Public Schools for Negroes219
Puckett's Place266, 875
Puckett, John232, 603
Puckett, Johnny262
Pullen, J. H.39
Purple Flash8
Putman, James232, 610
Putoff, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin270
Pythian Building244, 248


Quinn Bros. Food Market627, 921, 928
Quinn, Dr. W. A.926
Quinn, John230, 240


R. E. Gaddie Construction Co.25
Raber, Charles36, 880, 965, 966, 969, 970
Raber, George966
Raber, Levy903
Race Creek Baptist Church917
Radford, Harry237
Ragan, George W.627, 628, 629
Ragon, C. W.624
Ragon, Rev. L. D.615
Rainier, Jack239
Raleigh Graveyard878
Raleigh, Laeolan237
Rampy, Stanley10
Ramsey, J. E.255
Rank, John B.884
Rankin Hall252, 256
Rankin, Councilman J. Ed.939
Rankin, George H.895
Rankin, Hamilton231
Rankin, James E.223, 241, 244, 260, 614, 954
Rankin, William235
Rash, Bud222, 226
Rash, James R.881
Rash, O. W.605, 925
Ration Office269
Ratliff Welding Service Co.40
Ratliff, Aaron40
Ray, Coleman237
Ray, Welby (Rab)282
Rayburn, G. D.39
Rayburn, George24
Raymond's Radio Shop846
Raymond, Arthur287
REA271, 287
Reagan, Andrew239
Red Banks935
Red Cross638
Red Front Grocery846
Red Front Store-Corydon279
Red Horse Ranch275
Red River967
Reddish, Dorothy236
Reddish, Joy236
Redman, R. J.279, 869
Reed612, 933
Reed, Bennie963
Reed, J. T.973
Reed, James T.971
Reed, Jim Tom883
Reed, Joe222, 227
Reed, Maj. Gen. George2
Reed, Sheriff J. T.866, 867
Reeder, Carl236
Reeder, Elliott235
Reeder, John L.235
Reelfoot Lake904, 906
Reese Furniture Co.275
Reeve, Maj. John J.257
Regan Subdivision261
Reichert, John250
Reid, Grover967
Reid, J. H.39
Reid, James Hampton265
Reid, Matt260
Reid, Police Chief Shelby264
Remoles, Lewes245
Renn, Capt. Paul15
Republican Banner243
Reutlinger and Eisfellter Brewery936, 937, 941
Reynolds, Bethel263
Reynolds, Leslie276
Reynolds, R. D.222, 227
Rhea, Thomas S.973
Rhoads, County Attorney L. Allen20, 29, 30, 31, 34, 37, 884, 966, 975
Rhoads, Mrs. U. D.33
Rice, Chester231
Rice, Dan892
Rice, Martin235
Richard Henderson & Co.856, 893
Richards, County Judge Tom T.38
Richardson Addition261
Richardson, James233, 640
Richardson, Jesse235
Richmond, James232
Richmond, Jim612
Richmond, Lloyd292
Ricketts, James E.881
Ricketts, R.879
Riddle, George239
Rideout, Doris40
Rideout, Henry232, 613
Riehl, Archie266, 280, 287, 932
Rigdon, Robert270, 271
Riggs Driving Range10
Riggs, Shelby31
Right Quick Café271, 279
Riley, D.897
Riley, James Whitcomb242
Riley, John C.250
Riley, W.897
Riney, F. G. Sr.10
Risley, Thomas223
Ritter, Ed222, 226, 250, 251
Rives, Lucy623
Rives, Miss Lucy256
Rizpah Temple Shriners286
Roach, Oscar615
Road Bonds Union County38
Road levy proposal972
Robards604, 605, 607, 608, 609
Robards School271, 272
Robards, Frank235
Robards, George223, 238, 238
Robards, Kentucky854
Robards-Niagara Schools281
Robbins, Dr. Vernon854
Robbins, Leroy239
Robbins, Leslie36
Roberts, Betsy223, 945, 946, 947, 948, 949, 950
Roberts, C. L.606
Roberts, E. C.974
Roberts, Martin264, 268, 288
Roberts, Mrs. Martin266
Roberts, Rufus R.292
Robertson (Infant)224
Robertson's Lick948, 949
Robertson, B. L.243
Robertson, George627, 895
Robertson, Hobert234
Robertson, Malinda224
Robertson, William224, 231
Robinson, George604, 895
Robinson, Jim892
Robinson, John R.971
Robinson, Rev. John L.251
Rochester Dam909.91
Rock Island, IN907
Rodgers, A. D.249
Rodman, T. B.601
Roe, Janie235
Roephemeyer, Sarah40
Rogers, Larry21
Rogers, Postmaster Smith256, 604
Roll's Butcher Shop245
Roll, J. B.245
Roll, Lyman261, 964, 969, 974, 975
Roll, R. M.968
Rooney, Dennis234, 236
Rooney, Jake275
Rooney, John890
Rooney, Lonnie234
Rooney, Michael638
Rooney, Peter225, 244, 890
Roosevelt, F. D.260, 975
Roosevelt, Theodore609
Rose Hill Cemetery10
Rose, Dr. L. W.256
Rose, Victoria236
Rosenblatt, M. D.631
Rosenfield, Lyman610
Ross, Albert234
Ross, Sam283
Ross, Uel272
Rotary Club3, 260, 265, 271, 276, 281, 284, 287, 290, 290, 291, 640, 643, 645, 656
Rotary convention274
Rotta, Joseph6
Rouse Farm878
Rouse, James245, 888
Rouse, Lewis878
Rouse, Ned230
Rouse, Nev240
Rowan, Andrew S. H. C.946
Rowe, Bill211
Rowe, Ernest972
Rowland, James853
Rowland, Joe231
Rowlanson's Settlement900
Rowlanson, William900
Roy Ryan Sons, Co.25
Roy Ryan's Sons22
Royal Hotel283
Royal Knight Riders614
Royster, A. H. Cigar Co.602
Royster, Blanche605, 607, 854, 855
Royster, Deputy Marshall601
Royster, Henry232, 604, 854
Royster, Lorene854
Royster, R. H.973
Royster, T. T.854, 855
Royster, Thomas T.606
Royster, V. Barber shop616
Royster, X. R.618
Rudley, Dr. J. U.639
Rudolph, J. H.260
Rudy, Ed227
Rudy, Jack281
Rudy, Jos. A.241
Rudy, Police Chief944
Rudy-Rowland853, 928
Rumsey Dam909, 910
Russell, Jesse967
Russellville, KY639
Rutledge, Harry967
Rutledge, Roy619
Ryan Building617
Ryan Construction Co.285
Ryan, Phil267
Ryan, Rev. R. D.625
Rye, Robert225, 249


Sachs, D. A. Jr.869
Sackett, Fred M.971
Sacred Heart Church929
Sale, Mrs. Sarah284, 289
Sales, Charles231
Sallee, Rev. J. M.254
Saller, Marshall288
Salvation Army258
Salyer, Dr. R. N.974
Sampson, Flem D.972
Sandefur, B. M.225, 249
Sandefur, Birdie851
Sandefur, Bob224
Sandefur, Delbert home10
Sandefur, Matt233
Sandefur, Nat258
Sandefur, Philo258
Sandefur, Police Judge944
Sandefur, Rufus233
Sandefur, W. A.245, 973, 973, 974
Sandifur, J. Thomas956
Sands, Jennie231, 873
Sands, Mrs. Nash (Jennie)255
Sands, Nash231, 258, 604, 873
Sanford, Ted260, 265, 282, 287, 290
Sasseen, Miss Mary Towles256
Sasseen, Phelps246, 247, 859
Sassex, Henry275
Satterfield, James H.601, 622
Satterfield, Lt. Dick14
Savage, Dr. Joseph878
Savoy Theatre622, 628
Sawyer, Luther239
Sawyer, Thomas239, 239, 282, 283
Schadwick, Andrew232
Schaeffer, David903
Schaeffer, Frank V.967
Schenck, Rev. Christopher916
Schlamp, Carl629
Schlesinger, Herman244
Schlinkmann, Rev. Daniel281
Schmidt, Frank G.276
Schmidt, Maj. Gen. William R.276
Schmitt, Frank G. tobacco business602
Schmitt, Jacob633
Schmitz, Rev. Herbert861
Schmucher, Rev. Calvin281
Schnabel, Alma971, 972
Schnabel, Corydon Mayor616
Schoepflin, W. G. (Jew)265
Schofner, Jas.230
School board939
School budget 1955-5630
Schroeder, Capt. Fred P.13
Schulz, Dave264
Schutz, Will283, 286, 964, 965
Schwaimeier, George604
Schwartz, Joseph238
Schwerdfeger, Rev. W. W.861
Scott, Cecil238, 270
Scott, E. A.267
Scott-McGaw Garage288
Scott-McGaw Motor Co.37
Scuffletown612, 890, 933, 934
Scuffletown Post Office934
Seagrave, Albert235
Sears, L. E.8
Sebree Consolidated School36
Sebree News624
Sebree, KY624
Second Presbyterian Church617
Second Presbyterian Church Sunday School Annex635
Seiiss, E. W.235
Sellars, Charles974
Sellars, Edward238
Sellers, Isham878, 949
Sellers, Lewis888
Server, Walter266, 278, 626, 881, 903
Seventh Street School4, 256
Seward, Glyn275, 874
Shacklett, Dr. , Rev. D. S.618
Shannon sub-division291
Shannon, James265, 267
Shannon, Leonard6
Shawneetown levee617
Shawneetown, IL622
Sheehan, William6
Sheets, Aaron9
Sheets, Paul974, 975
Sheffer, Bert969
Sheffer, W. R.39
Shelby, Charles235
Shelby, Posey235
Shelby, W. W.243, 627
Shelby, William223, 933
Shelton, Gus966
Shelton, Reuben232, 607
Shippin, Mr. Mamie866
Shook, Maj.894
Shore, Percery282
Short, Ben258
Short, Gen.2
Shroyer, PFC Marshall W.16
Shucks, James235
Shutz, Mrs. Will936
Shutz, Will969
Sidle, Rev. E. C.282
Sieber, William257
Sights, A. P.274
Sights, Andrew P.284, 932, 964, 965, 969
Sights, C. L.619
Sights, U. E.278, 975
Sigler, Dr.269
Sigler, Dr. E. W.265
Sills, Mr. and Mrs. George B.37
Sills, Mrs. George B.37
Sills, Phyllis37
Silver Dollar Restaurant277
Silverman Dry Goods Co.639
Simms, Bob225, 241
Simon, Jake628
Simon, Larry290
Simpson, Faust975
Sinclair Oil Co.40
Singer Sewing Machine Co.845
Singer, William967
Sinnott, Margaret614
Sinnott, Will234
Sites, Clarence289
Sitton, Ben Charles239
Skaggs, Thomas J.232
Skinner, A. Ladd263, 969, 975
Skinner, Ladd261
Slaughter, Gussie232, 601
Slaughter, Pearl232, 601
Slavens, Ed222, 226
Slot machines292
Sloven, E.946
Slover Drug Store902
Smee, Col. James C.15
Smee, James S.13
Smith Mills608, 610, 612, 617, 627, 878, 900, 901, 938
Smith Mills Baptist Church603, 628
Smith Mills Fire of 1915938
Smith Mills Post Office901
Smith Mills Postmaster246
Smith Mills School272, 273, 282
Smith Mills-Geneva Road261
Smith, Adna222, 227
Smith, Albert222, 227
Smith, Ben248
Smith, Benjamin225
Smith, Capt. Obadiah878
Smith, Charles B.292
Smith, Col. Robert900, 901
Smith, Della232, 616
Smith, Ed232, 615, 616
Smith, Emmett235
Smith, George235
Smith, Henry225, 248, 917
Smith, Hugh K.967
Smith, James231
Smith, Lonnie B.634
Smith, Mabel236
Smith, Otis236
Smith, Parish231
Smith, R. E.972, 974
Smith, Rachel225, 248
Smith, S. R. (Bob)260
Smith, SFC Melvin15
Smith, Starling232, 612
Smith, Thomas33, 40, 878
Smith, W. E.968
Smith, Walker284, 869
Smith, Walter975
Smith, Will236
Smith, William M.292
Smullen, Marvin962, 968
Sneed's Hill914
Sneed, S. K.954
Snider, Pvt. Frank16
Snyder, Charles282, 932
Snyder, George958
Snyder, Mrs. Russell965, 969
Snyder, Ward621, 622
Soaper Hotel3
Soaper Tobacco Warehouse941
Soaper, Anthony866
Soaper, Harriet604
Soaper, R. C.33, 246, 972
Soaper, R. H. farm610
Soaper, Steve291
Soaper, William Jr.869
South Audubon precinct961
South Kentucky Railroad213
Southern Bell Telephone10
Southern Coal and Transportation Co.605
Southern Indiana Gas and Electric Co.10
Southland Mine261, 262, 876
Southside Liquor Store2
Southside Lumber Co.289
Sowards, H. E.39
Sowards, Louise238
Sowards, Mrs. Louise266, 875
Sowards, William237
Soybean Cooperative292
Spalding, Rev. Father Joseph L.35
Spalding, Samuel P.929
Sparks, L. P.972
Sparks, Louise262
Spears, Dr. M. D.268
Spears, Rev.268
Spencer Chemical Co.24, 39, 40, 281, 288, 289, 291
Spencer, G. B.895
Spencer, J. H.951
Spencer, James230, 240
Spencer, Kenneth39
Spiers, John230, 240
Spoehr, Stanley621, 629
“Sports-Then and Now”286
Spotts, Maj. Samuel908
Spottsville605, 606, 611, 624, 627, 631, 907, 908, 909
Spottsville Bridge263
Spottsville Dam907, 908, 909, 910
Spring Garden Farm878
Springer, O. B.271
Springer, R. M.271
Springer, Robert280, 932
Sprinkler, George946
Sprow, Anderson236
St. Ann Church35
St. Augustine Church282
St. John's Baptist Church917
St. Louis and Southeastern Line256
St. Louis and Southeastern Railway Company, Consolidated208
St. Louis Catholic Church941
St. Louis Cemetery40, 931
St. Mary's Baptist Church940
St. Mary's Hospital251
St. Paul's Baptist Church917
St. Paul's Episcopal Church254, 256, 258, 291, 608, 610, 633, 634, 641, 940
Stallings, Ken274
Stallion, Robert235
Standard Service Station38
Stander, Rev. Washington917
Stanley, A. O.608, 627, 632, 633, 635, 638, 642, 646, 647, 652, 873, 971
Stanley, Councilman625
Stanley, Dick222, 226, 250
Stanley, H. M.611, 616, 630, 956, 968, 969
Stanley, Harry M.264
Stanley, Henry222, 227
Stanley, John946
Stanley, Matt222, 227
Stanley, Morgan241, 248
Stanley, Nathaniel933
Stanley, Vitula222, 227
Staples, County Judge Richard S.1, 29, 30, 31, 34, 35
Staples, Judge Richard7, 23, 36
Staples, R. C.265
Staples, R. S.966
Staples, Richard261, 264, 271, 975
Stapp, Councilman John C.939
Star Tavern287
Starks, Willie233
Starling, C. T.241, 248
Starling, E. L.219, 246, 247, 858, 939
Starling, Miss Mariam942, 943
Starr and Thompson Insurance Agency284
State Highway Expenditures in Henderson County960
State police given power by city276
Steamer Steed631
Steele, Capt. Ollie896, 897
Steele, Col. O. B.894
Steffy, Arch614
Steffy, Jack238
Steffy, Mr. And Mrs. Clay614
Stegal, James223
Stegal, Mrs. Mary223
Steggal, James945, 946, 947, 948
Steggal, Mary945, 946, 947, 948
Steggal, Moses945, 946, 947, 948, 949, 950
Steinwachs, Jim264
Stella's Place278
Stephens, Jewell Wayne37
Stephens, Lem253
Stephons, William232, 620
Stern, Benjamin639
Stevens, Dickie279
Stevens, James Robert3
Stevens, Phyllis3
Stevenson, Adlai884
Steward, Lowell2
Stewart, John H.606, 607
Stewart, John Jr. , Plumbing and Heating928
Stewart, W. A.604
Stewart, William607
Stigall, Mrs. Moses229
Stigger, George278
Stiles, Lillie282
Stites, Irene235
Stith, D. H.253
Stitt, Samuel962, 968, 971, 972
Stokes, Deputy Coroner Atmur B.3, 33
Stolzy building622
Stolzy, J. R.616
Stone's Drive-In4
Stone, Carl867
Stone, Charles35, 628
Stone, Cletus867
Stone, Dr. J. W.250
Stone, Euriel238
Stone, Lee269
Stone, Maj. J. M.920
Stone, Raymond2, 236
Stott, Jonathan933
Stovall, Noble239
Straton, Rev. H. H. D.951
Street, Frank274, 277, 282, 289
Strother, Ben282, 969, 974
Strother, Dr. John289
Strouse, Roxie Jane2
Strum, Green224
Stuart, Mrs. Pearson270
Sturgis Airport267
Suell, Mrs. William626
Sugar Creek888
Sugar registration265
Sugg, Calvin223, 888, 892
Sugg, Clarence D.967
Sugg, Clyde F.925
Sugg, H. G.971
Sugg, Henry286
Sugg, Samuel Calvin848
Sugg, Sheriff G. A.848
Sugg, Willie888
Sullivan, Homes236
Sullivan, Silas A.973
Sullivan, William21, 966
Summers, Thomas225
Summers, Tom249
Summers, Virgil Wilson272
Sumpter, Rev. C.40
Sunday sale of beer280
Sutherland, Rev. W. E.292
Sutton, Beatty235
Sutton, Claude35
Sutton, Clyde farm1
Sutton, Edgar236, 237
Sutton, Edward231
Sutton, Elliott230
Sutton, Griffin261, 264, 292, 963, 964, 969, 971, 972, 973
Sutton, Herman237
Sutton, Houston238
Sutton, Howard975
Sutton, J. I.39
Sutton, James237, 851
Sutton, Jessie231
Sutton, Mrs. Huston292
Sutton, Raymond238
Sutton, Rupert851
Sutton, T. K.245
Swain, T. B. Jr.974, 975
Sweeney, Maj. Gen. William C.2, 13, 15
Swope, Josh231
Swope, King973, 974, 975
Swope, Steve237
Swope, W. L.972
Swope, Walter258
Syers, County Clerk John38
Synthetic fuel plant274


Taft, William Howard609
Taggart, Jimmy292
Talbird, Henry951
Talbott, Benjamin919
Talbott, Roy35
Tallant, Francis R.36
Tallant, Harold36
Tallant, Rev. J. B.36
Tally, Sherman850
Tanner, C. R.264, 965, 969
Tanner, Dr. and Mrs. J. Leland263
Tanner, Dr. Charles R.268
Tanner, George237, 260
Tanner, Lawrence P.974
Tapp, Coroner Fred Allen7, 36
Tapp, Eli234
Tapp, Ernest972, 974, 975
Tapp, F. M.974, 975
Tapp, Frank P.623, 624, 627
Tapp, Fred Allen966
Tapp, Luther (Luke)974
Tapp, Magistrate Clay32
Tapp, Mose235
Tapp, Mrs. Prentice281
Tate, Bonnell36
Taylor Bros.928
Taylor, Alex272
Taylor, B. T.951
Taylor, Bethel292
Taylor, County Attorney N. Powell252
Taylor, Dr. Thomas W.628
Taylor, Ellis236, 292
Taylor, F. O.956
Taylor, Henry A.222, 227, 252, 270, 284
Taylor, Homer226
Taylor, L. A.290
Taylor, N. P.972
Taylor, N. Powell273, 288, 634, 971
Taylor, Phil Thompson225
Taylor, Rudolph235
Tel-A-Ray Enterprises291
Telephones installed in Corydon260
Terry, Nathaniel245
Terry, Samuel967
Thacker, Jim279
Thacker, Rev. A. A.29, 34, 861
Thatcher, M. H.973
Thayer, Mrs. Mattie237
The Bank of Henderson888
The Evening Reporter243
The Georgian212
The Henderson213
The Henderson Communicator2
The Journal257
The Pike Steamboat888
The Point933
The Texas212
The Union Church245
Third Street School251
Thomas Ryan Store243
Thomas, Allie235, 235
Thomas, Ben255
Thomas, Granville216
Thomas, James7, 239
Thomas, Mrs.7
Thomas, Shirley271
Thomason, John C.846
Thompkins, Burnie Van276
Thompson's Chapel940
Thompson, Charles237
Thompson, Dick235
Thompson, Dr. P.939
Thompson, Dr. Pinkney219, 916
Thompson, Dr. W. I.859
Thompson, Jack890
Thompson, James605
Thompson, Jeff230
Thompson, John T.2
Thompson, Lee Edgar2
Thompson, Leona2
Thompson, Mattie Pearl2
Thompson, Mayor252, 254, 601, 606, 611, 616
Thompson, Mrs. E. P.219
Thompson, Mrs. Starling H.852
Thompson, Rev. O. C.291
Thompson, Rev. William R.276
Thompson, W. I.628
Thompson, W. W.610
Thompson, William223
Three Mile House615
Throbe, John J.973, 974
Thunborg, Ronald Jack37
Thurby, Vernon966
Thurston, Will855
Tierney, Rev. Father Thomas F.930, 931
Tiller, R. J.39
Tillerson, Charles238
Tillotson, Ed851
Timpe, John968
Toastmasters' Club290
Tobacco stemmeries940, 941
Todd, Dbbie276
Todd, Thomas L.616, 968
Todd, W. G.237
Tolbert, Jess262
Tompkins, James947, 949
Towler, Banks235
Towler, Mrs. Banks235
Towles, Clint235
Towles, Miss Susan276
Town Hall Meeting271
Townsend, Ishmael237
Townsend, Mr.255
Toy, N. K.972
Traction Station869
Traffic Fatalities Henderson County847
Trafton, Spalding250, 620, 621, 881, 902, 903, 968
Trailer Coal Co.261
Train Wrecks, 1917 and 1929877
Transylvania Company852, 885
Traub, J. H.260
Trelogan, Dr. Harry23
Tri-County Fair253
Tri-state Mining Co.262
Tri-State Plastic Co.265, 266
Trible, Spalding255, 638
Trief, Patrick617
Trigg, Deputy Peter601
Trigg, John971
Trigg, P. W.616, 639
Trigg, Sheriff P. W.634
Trigg, W. C.975
Trigg, Will234
Trimpe, Lucien280
Trinity Lutheran Church284, 291
Troutman, Blanche40
True, Dr. Arthur23
Truman, Harry S.277
Tscharner's Grocery34, 35
Tscharner, Robert23
Tuberculosis hospital621, 627, 629, 631, 636, 637, 638
Tucker, Mrs. Edith G.19
Tunnell Hill Cemetery878
Turbeville, Wm.230
Turner Subdividion248
Turner, Bedford268
Turner, James F.230, 240
Turner, Judge Henry F.243
Turner, Mat232, 615
Turpin, W. G.621, 881
Turpin, W. O.608
Tyler, Blanche236
Tyler, Charles288
Tyson, Capt. William223, 848
Tyson, Luke224
Tyson, Phillip223, 230, 240, 848
Tyson, William230, 240


U. S. Government Bonds280
U. S. Hwy 41632
Underwood, Dr. Bruce272
Underwood, Miss Elizabeth861
Underwood, Tom884
Union Bank and Trust Co.635, 846
Union building635
Union Church951
Union County617, 886, 929, 935
Union Depot640
Union Station614, 624
United Baptist Church of Audubon613
Unverzat, Josephine40
USO267, 269
Utilities Commission958
Utley, B. F.246
Utley, Ed974, 975
Utley, G. L.286
Utley, Ike30, 31
Utley, J. C.245


V. Hutchen and Sons243
Valentine, Mark231
Valentine, Physician P. G.939
Van Cleve, Ada627
Van Cleve, Mr. And Mrs. Thomas627
Van Zandt, E. R.972
Van Zandt, Elmer969
Vanada Farm933
VanBussum, Philip879
Vance, Miss Cordie968
Vance, R. B.252
Vance, Robert D.244
Vance, S. B.246, 939
VanCleve, Thomas230
Vanderhagen, Rev. Father930
VanGieson, Lt. Col. L. M.260
VanMeter, Oliver4
VanWinkle, Fenton972
Vanzandt, William B.858
Vaugh Tobacco Factory252
Vaughn, Dr. Darrel29
Vaughn, Juanita238, 262, 266, 875
Veach, James235
Vernon, Rev. James242, 626
Veterans of Foreign Wars3
VFW Commander277
Viehe, Rev. C. H.916
Vincent, B. M.975
Vincent, Carl268, 288
Vincent, Norris216
Vincent, Samuel225
Vinson, Ezra230, 240
Virginia Legislature886
Vogel, Fred277, 284, 975
Vogel, G. M.968
Vogel, George864, 882, 883, 962, 963, 974
Vogel, John254
Vogel, Judge Fred273, 279
Volhagan, Father936
Volkman, Ivan6
Vowels, C. W.255
Vrooman, Mrs. Lloyd R.279


Wace, M. S.39
Wade, Jake237
Wagner precinct961
Wagner, Harold Joseph261
Walden, Mrs. Eugene21
Walker, A. C.245
Walker, Charline2
Walker, Edmund634
Walker, Eldbridge234
Walker, F. E.919
Walker, I. B.604
Walker, J. W.252
Walker, John895
Walker, Mont974
Walker, Nora234
Walker, O. F.616, 962, 968
Walker, Orlando F.895
Walker, Rev. Willis917
Walker, Sgt. William Jr.878
Wallace, Arthur238
Wallace, Mrs. Mary238
Wallace, R. D.39
Waller and Co. Grain Elevator252
Waller Grain elevator624, 640
Waller, Aaron251
Waller, Edmund233
Waller, Lile282
Waller, V. P.6
Wallis, Frederick A.973
Walnut Bottom900
Walnut Chapel251
Walnut Hill Baptist Church918
Walters, Jackson261
Walters, Jackson B.969
Walton, C. T.608
Waltz, Agent George602
Waltz, Mrs. George921
Ward, E. C.246, 968
Ward, E. D.616
Ward, Judge627
Ward, Rev. Robert N.634
Ward, William Buck231
Ware, James236
Ware, Rev. C. R.918
Warfield, Mrs. Ola36
Warfield, William224
Warren, Gov. Earl276
Washington, Mary224
Washington, Patrick224
Water reservoir274
Water works pumping station252
Waterfield, Harry L.880
Waterfield, Harry Lee21, 27
Wathen, Sam288, 622, 623, 629
Wathen, Spalding S.282
Watkins and Martin Engineering Co.1
Watkins, G. L. (Fate)258
Watkins, Tom37
Watkins, W. W.851
Watson, Alvin237
Watson, Chester866
Watson, Dr, Ira237
Watson, Elijah223, 848
Watson, Fate222
Watson, J. V.9
Watson, Jesse232
Watson, Louis222, 227
Watson, Roy974
Watson, S. W.621
Watson, William Young895
Watts, Henry10
Watts, Maj. William F.14
Wayne, Henry224
Weather 1950882
Weather in 1892939
Weathers, Clarence238, 261
Weaver, Dr. Logan M.282
Weaver, Joe257
Weaver, Mr. and Mrs. A. B.257
Weaverton608, 639
Weaverton School268, 283
Webster County886, 935
Webster, W. H.245
Wedding, Eugene234, 974
Weiner Brothers921
Welch, J. W.256, 622
Weldon, C. E.290, 962, 968
Weldon, Sheriff D. N.848
Welker, Elmer236
Wells, Clayton225, 890
Wells, Emmett230
Wells, John230, 967
Wells, W. A.962, 968
Werner, Frank616
West Kentucky Agricultural Fair Association635
West Point614
West, C. B.975
West, Herman271
West, Joe225, 241
West, Rev. D. A.21, 862
Western Kentucky Firemen271
Western Union619
Wet-Dry vote288
Wetherby, Gov. Lawrence32, 292
Wheatcroft Mine269
Wheeler, S. W.258
White and King Motor Co.625
White, Ben T.235, 869, 969
White, Larkin968
White, Mattie601
White, Odie233
White, Robert Lee282
White, Tim235
Whitehead, General944
Whitehouse, Frank866, 867
Whitehouse, Mrs. Catherine866
Whitledge, Ronnie37
Whitledge, Will232, 607
Whitlow, Rodney974
Wickliffe, William975
Wigal, James P.937
Wiggers, Edward967
Wilcox, Beatrice40
Wilhite, James36, 264, 965, 966, 969, 970
Willett, J. R.21
Willett, Joe230
Willett, Rev. Henry282
Willett, Steve235
Willett, Thomas239
Williams Elma237
Williams, A. A.271, 275
Williams, Arch967
Williams, Ben971, 972
Williams, Bobby238, 270
Williams, Charles222, 226, 251
Williams, David974
Williams, Ernest230
Williams, Ewing286
Williams, George231, 974
Williams, Ike866
Williams, Ira231, 850
Williams, James222, 227, 232
Williams, John233, 633, 635, 897
Williams, Lee292, 884, 966
Williams, Lem225
Williams, Miss Lida280
Williams, Mrs. Martha222, 226, 251
Williams, Ralph272
Williams, Sheriff Lee3, 23, 29, 34, 35
Williams, T. T.285
Williams, Thomas225
Williams, William232
Williamsburg, KY622
Willingham, Dona236
Willingham, Henry233, 634
Willingham, Ira236
Willingham, Jones236
Willingham, Lee231
Willingham, Lonnie615
Willoughby, Will225
Wills, Charles231
Wilson Station603, 633
Wilson, Adam232, 615
Wilson, Bill222, 226, 250, 251
Wilson, Clarence J.39
Wilson, County Clerk Glenn31
Wilson, Fate227
Wilson, George222, 226, 251
Wilson, Glenn30
Wilson, H. J.962, 968
Wilson, James223
Wilson, Joe224
Wilson, Marion974
Wilson, Mrs. W. M.256
Wilson, Nina260
Wilson, Rev. Robert T.282
Wilson, Robert237
Wilson, S. R.618
Wilson, Sam P.932
Wilson, Thomas638, 877
Wilson, Walter233, 634
Wilson, Woodrow609, 612, 636, 638
Wind storm9
Winfrey, Charles223, 933, 934
Winfrey, Hink224
Winieckle, Vincent E.4
Winslow, Richard946
Winstead Distilling Co.607
Winstead, A. S.607, 884
Winstead, E. W.258
Winstead, Frank965, 969, 974
Winstead, W.624
Winston, 2nd Lt. William R.17
Winston, William635
Wise Building245
Wise, J. E.973
Wise, John225
Withers, Garrett884
Withers, James236
Witt, B. G.624
Witt, Miss Doris277
Wm. Clark and Sons252
Wolf, L. M.261, 975
Wolf, Louis G. , The Plumber928
Wolf, Louis M.276
Wolf, Peter604, 622
Woman's Club3
Women's suffrage615
Wood Oil Co.20
Wood, Brig. Gen. William H.15
Wood, Clarence20, 23, 238, 267, 268, 875
Wood, Eric Fisher869
Woodard, Charles967
Woodard, Dick232
Woodbridge, Rev. J.897
Woodbury Dam907, 909, 910
Woods, Hattie235
Woods, Leslie235
Woods, Murl237
Woods, Rev. Dr. George33
Woods, Wayne288
Woods, William237
Woodside, R. W.974
Woodson, Ned231
Woodward, F. W.612
Woodward, Julius231
Woolen Mill857
Woolfork, Anna231
Woolfork, Thomas231
Woolworth Store263, 271
Wooten, Ralph290
Wooton, Bailey P.973
Workins, Fred234
World War I638, 639, 640, 967
Worsham Post, American Legion260, 275, 869
Worsham, A. J.251, 255, 636, 859, 881
Worsham, Arch Dixon967
Worsham, D. C.250, 251, 253
Worsham, E. W.607, 917, 926, 939
Worsham, George A.869
Worsham, John C.629, 633, 851, 869, 973
Worsham, Lt. Arch869
Worsham, Mayor John942, 943
Woursch, J. E.968
Wright, Arkley622, 637
Wright, Col. Charles13
Wright, Cpl. Edward W.16
Wright, Leslie975
Wuersch, Joe604
Wurnell, Joseph223, 848
Wurnell, William934
Wurth, Donald4
Wyatt, Jordan225
Wyatt, McNary962, 968
Wyatt, N. E.8
Wyne, Charles233, 635, 636, 637
Wyne, Dora635, 636, 637
Wynn, James232, 616
Wynn, Jim234


There are currently entries beginning with "X" in our Hudgions' Henderson History Collection.


Yarnell, D. L.624
Yates, Elmer235
Yates, Ira (Doc)239
Yates, John Bill231
Yates, Mrs.235
Yeaman precinct961
Yeaman, J. M.869
Yeaman, M. H.869
YMCA255, 263, 270, 280, 282, 283, 292, 603, 624
Young precinct961
Young, Helen974
Young, Judge S. A.602, 603, 604, 605, 614, 616, 617, 657
Young, Robert Maxie35, 239
Young, Stanley223, 240
Young, Thomas40, 237
Young, Tony292


Zichefoose, Lt. Col. Marble L.15
Zimbro, Jacob Sr.258
Zion and Henderson Roads253
Zion E & R Church629
Zion Methodist Colored Church941